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Apr 27, 2000
Couple of interesting tidbits from westcoaster.com http://www.westcoaster.net/update.php?id=0123021
Florida E-Ticket - An e-ticket is being developed again for Animal Kingdom. This must be the 500th different e-ticket to go into development for that park in 2 years. Let's hope this doesn't get canceled. Details weren't available, but it's not a coaster. Emphasis is being given to the fact that families need things to do together, there will be a thrill, but it's not coming in the form of a coaster.
No reference to which land is targeted, but couldn’t bode well for BK. If BK was forging ahead I can’t see them working on another e ticket so soon. Will they ever figure out what to do and get off the pot?
Misc development - One thing that is interesting is the intention to begin developing sort of... "turn-key" plans for the parks and their various lands. It's being said that they won't be caught with their pants down the way they were with DCA. As nice a park as it is, future planning wasn't a big issue for the designers (thanks, Timur). So ideas will be developed for different areas of the parks, and that way, if something does arise on a short notice or even a long notice, there's already a plan sitting there ready to go! This saves them from having to scramble, call Zamperla buy a spinner and see what they can do on short order. This also keeps the company from looking like cheapskates! Way to think ahead, WDI! Congrats...
Gee, I always assumed WDI already had a catalog of ideas they had brainstormed as potential candidates for the different parks/lands that were just sitting there begging to get funded. I figured the lack of longterm plans for DCA was the exception, not the rule. Maybe, the difference is there are plenty of ideas, but few have been progressed past the concept stage.

Since this would require them to incur more cost today, not sure it will happen.
I think this is GOOD news for AK. I also assumed that he was talking about BK. What I mean by good news is this.. Perhaps they are changing their minds about just attatching a coaster to a future movie that may or may not be a blockbuster! I also do not wish to see a coaster unless it is going to be theemed like Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain. I would much rather see a true family style E-Ticket along the lines of Pirates or Mansion. Time will tell I suppose.
I would perfer a world class Roller Coaster which wdw doesnt have. I would also like a good dark ride but a pure thrill coaster is badly needed IMHO! Not something for kids or sqeamish adults but a pure adrelin rush type of coaster!


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