ADR Transfer Does This Work Any More?


May 25, 2009
I've looked for this subject online and I have not been able to fine and answer. I have tried on 3 occasions in the past 2 weeks to either transfer an ADR to someone else here on the Boards or have them transfer an ADR to me. All 3 times it failed. I wasn't able to pick it up and they weren't able to pick up mine.
Has something changed? Has this plan ever worked? I'm just curious.. why try to coordinate a time and place if it isn't working for hopeful guests. I appreciate your happy response that it worked flawlessly for you. Was it a difficult ADR such as CRT, or BOG? Just curious. Good luck.
I was able to get a dinner ADR for BOG just a few weeks ago by doing a transfer. The time popped right up and I was on it fast. With all the technical issues going on right then with the site, I was sweating bullets until I actually got to the confirmation page, but it worked.
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I was able to flawlessly do a transfer for a BOG dinner from these boards and it was my first time.What I did was have TWO tabs open and continually refreshing for the park ( MK) , date and "dinner" and made sure I was signed in as well before. They told me the time and I was refreshing on both tabs a few minutes prior just in case , popped up for me and I definitely was nervous until confirmation but worked perfect. I have a very good internet connection as well so not sure if that helped.

I'm sorry it hasn't worked out in your case :(

I was lucky today.
I got a Askershus breakfast reservation.
The Wonderful Dis'er that offered, this co-ordinated this for an exact time.
I was nervous til the confirmation # came thru. Of course my internet connection felt like it was moving at a snails pace "searching" and then there it was.
Just have an exact time, sign in to Disney and have your reservation page ready.
Just keep at'll get it.
Definitely can take a bit of work to find the cancellation you might want.
I'm thankful to the Dis for having this.
Have made 3 transfers in the past couple of weeks. The only time we ran into trouble was when the receiver was using the phone app to try to get it. Once she used her computer it worked fine. A few hours later someone else wanted a transfer. I made a point to warn her about the issues the first person had.
When I double up reservations, sometimes I have "would you like to cancel this reservation?" And other times it says "you must cancel this reservation". What makes it one step sometimes and 2 steps the other? I hate canceling until I know it's there


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