Add-on Questions!


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Sep 24, 2003
To all of those with more than one contract, you know who you are, I have a couple questions.

Does anyone know what the going APR is for new contracts? Can you refinance your old contract? And is there any way to combine your two (or more) contracts for one payment? Does the three-day-decision rule apply to add-on contracts?

Any of these questions making sense? I would REALLY like to take advantage of the add-on incentives but I need to go into this with all the info.



Always Lurking
Sep 2, 2000
On our add-on, our interest rate is 9.75%, and that was with 20% down. As far as refinancing, you have the option of paying things off on a credit card or Home Equity Loan, or possibly another lender who finances timeshares.

When I talked to my guide about combining all the payments into 1 monthly debit, I was told that they can't do that & they have to keep all payments seperate because they are 2 different real estate interests.

I'm not quite sure about the 3-day thing, so mabye someone else here can help....

I hope This Helps!

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