? about 12 MoM State Pins.


Mar 31, 2000

I have a question about the 12 Months of Magic state pins:

Does each state have a different amount of pins? I keep hearing that some stores still have the pins in stock.

I know that Alaska only received 500 pins, how does that compare to the rest of the states? I was considering Alaska as a good trader pin, but wondered if it was more comparable to a rack pin? I don't want to build it up to be more than it is, but also I haven't been trading recently so I don't know what it is.


Vicki Lynn


DIS Veteran
Jun 3, 2000
The number of pins made for that state depends on how many stores that state has.
Example: Nebraska has two Disney Stores now.
If I recall correctly, I think the Omaha store rec'd approx 710 (720?) MoM NE pins.
I never heard exactly what the Lincoln, NE rec'd. But I think it was around 500.
So that is basically an LE in the 1200 -1250 range.
Would you care to guess how many NY or CA pins were made? (Not me) ;)
SD had 400 or 500 pins (I think). -- One store in the whole state.
I was told that someone from NY bought all the SD pins except for 100 of them.
And supposedly this same person tried buying all of HI, but couldn't.
And yes, the Omaha store still has a few remaining.
Someone in Lincoln bought 300 of the NE pins the first day.


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