A Saturday at WDW (4/27/01)


Emma and Christopher's Mommy - Best job ever
Jun 18, 2000
Well after much debating all week long we finally decided to go to WDW again. This will make it almost 5 weeks in a row. My main goal for today was to see Davy Jones. Everything else was just extra.

So the day started the same as every other week and we were out the door by 1. We arrived at Downtown Disney about 1:30 and got a bus to Beach Club. We entered EPCOT via Gateway around 3 or so. The first show was set for 4:30 so we had some time to kill. We checked out UK and Canada in detail and then proceeded to The Land. Of course the line was long..stupid Fast Pass:mad: so we journeyed to The Living Seas. After all the boring:rolleyes: stuff we finally made it to the area. Of course when I checked my watch I saw it was 4:20 and the show was at America. So out we went--ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD-- and made it to America about 4:40. Wow what a show. I loved the Monkees. He played some old songs and even went into the crowd a bit. I was in heaven. Show was over around 5:10 and I was ready to leave EPCOT. So we decided to go to MK. Unknowing to us was that they were closing early. So we jumped a monorail and off we went. As we were pulling into the station I took notice that there seemed to be an awful lot of UN-Supervised High School kids. As we pulled in I found out why. GRAD NIGHT I had a gut feeling this wasn't a good idea but went ahead anyway. Well I once again had issues with my ticket(I am getting tired of getting a new one every week) and finally we were in. We wandered down MS and felt again this was a bad idea. Large groups of teens were everywhere and they were loud and rowdy. We did a full circle around the MK and promptly left. I HATED IT!!! I am not a fan of large groups of teens making a**'s of themselves. So we headed off to Disney Quest. We went via bus from the Contemporary also noticed the Contemperary was hosting a prom. What a place to have it. We arrived at DD and headed to the car to get some dinner(sandwichs) and went into DQ. We played some games and made an awsome level 5 coaster. We then headed to PI around 10pm. Now my FDH(future Dear Husband) and I are NOT drinkers or partiers. We never had been to a club until a few weeks ago at our first PI visit. So we went into the Adventurers Club and saw the Baulderdash Competition. It was funny. He hated it..Oh well. We were to late for the Comedy Warehouse set so we went to the Beach Club and watched the band. The one band member was cute!!:bounce: We stayed there for about half hour and went to Mannequins. Wow. This place was different. We stayed there a bit and went and watched the 11:30 festivites and saw a guy get dragged off for underage drinking. Silly:rolleyes: The we saw the final set at the Comedy Warehouse and headed out. As we were leaving we decided we were hungry so we went to McDonalds in International Drive(Nothing beats McDonalds at 2am) and then headed home.

Some thoughts:
-Davy Jones was great; wish the whole band was there though
-High School kids should not be allowed to roam alone
-If they are going to close on park early leave another open late to compensate.
-PI can be a lot of fun even if you don't drink and don't party.

This will be my final Saturday at WDW post as my new work schedule will not allow me to go on Saturdays but I have off on Wed,Thurs and Fri's so I will be going on those days when I can and also Busch Gardens Tampa and will post those reports(if your are still interested) on Saturdays and Sundays. Until then, See Ya
and when the cm asked me if I was sure......I almost said WHY.....is this bad......but I did it with my daughter in law and had a blast......would do that one again in a heart beat......even if the heart beating was my own.......thanks again:bounce:


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