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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by walter, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. walter

    walter DIS Veteran

    Oct 30, 1999
    Do you ever visit a DVC resort to use the bus service to the parks on days that you do not stay on site? Any problems gaining access to the resort or the bus service? Is there any official policy that allows a member on site to do so? Any info would be appreciated
  2. WebmasterDoc

    WebmasterDoc Administrator Administrator

    Aug 14, 1998
    DVC Members may use the free valet service at BWV, VWL and BCV- regardless where they are staying.

    DVC members are NOT entitled to use the pools or pool-hop UNLESS they are staying at a DVC resort and have "DVC Member" printed on their room ID. Restaurants may still offer a discount to DVC members regardless where they are staying- although the intent of most member perks is applicable only when staying in a DVC Resort on points.

    DVC was never presented as a membership that entitled members (local or otherwise) to use the resort facilities and services unless actually a guest staying at the resort.

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