9/11: Day 5: Epcot, MK and remembering

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    Wednesday, September 11, 2002

    Today we decided to sleep in, so we didn't get up until 9:30. It was grey and gloomy looking as we strolled over to the Dolphin and found Tubbi's Buffeteria. We got a 20% discount here with DVC, so thought we'd try it out. We were pleasantly surprised. It's not fast food, but not sit down. It's cafeteria style. You walk through a line, choose your meal (I had the children's breakfast of scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon, and Stephen had biscuits and gravy with sausage). Then you pay. With the discount it cost only $9.40, not bad for two full breakfasts. A server took our tray and found a table while we paid. We ate on real dishes with real utensils. It was very nice. We will be back.

    We decided to go back to the room and get our rain gear. It definately looked like it would rain a lot today. We've been lucky so far, and had no rain.

    Then we headed to Epcot. We wanted to be at the American Adventure for the 9/11 ceremonies and we are so glad we did. At noon, the pfife(sp) and drum corp came out, there was a moment of silence and an address by President Bush and then they played the National anthem. Very moving. Stephen (who is 6'4") tends to stand out in a crowd. He had cameras on him the whole time, and didn't even notice. He was very moved by the ceremony and kept his hand over his heart the whole time. Afterwards, an Orlando Sentinal reporter came over to asked him name and where he was from because he took his picture. But, alas, we found no picture in the paper the next day. The mood, of course, was very subdued, and everyone was very respectful. Even the children were all behaved.

    From here we wandered to Norway. I wanted to try their perfume I heard about. I tried the women's scent (I think it was called Naila, or something) and Stephen tried the men's, Geir. I loved them both. I meant to go back and purchase a bottle when I had my Disney dollars with me, but I forgot, darn it.

    We went to Test Track from here. No line. Then it was lunch time. We headed to the land to eat in the food court. We each had kids meals. I had spaghetti, one of the worst meals I've had, and Stephen had corn dog nuggets. Needless to say, I was not very full when this meal was finished. We headed out and saw Beth and her family. Had a bried chat and then decided to ride Spaceship Earth. Again, no lines.

    We took the monorail to MK and got a place to watch Share a Dream Come True parade. I absolutely love parades, and this one is currently my favorite. We ran into Brandie and Matthew, so they sat with us. I ate some jerky and crackers on the monorail (due to being hungry because I did not eat my lunch), so now I wanted a treat. My treat of choice? A coke, weird. Stephen got a frozen capaccino. He said it was good. After the parade, we said goodbye to Brandie and Matthew and headed to Adventureland. There was an adorable sarong I liked. It was red with white Mickey heads tie dyed on. I wanted to wear it Friday for our concert. I found it, bought it, and had it sent to our room (I love that little perk). There was a mini-dis meet scheduled at 4:30 at the icecream parlor, so we decided to take the train from Frontierland to Main Street station and then walk up main street to the ice cream parlor. We did and we met KCritter and her husband. Brandie and Matthew were supposed to come but things came up and they didn't make it. We had a nice chat with them. They showed us the AP 100 years questionairre. They had been working on it, and it looked hard. We decided to pick one up. We walked back to the main entrance, and got a seat to see the flag retreat. It was supposed to have some extra stuff because of 9/11. We sat next to a couple of older ladies who live in Florida. They make it to WDW every two weeks or so (lucky ducks!) They were also doing the questionnaire. Stephen went to get our copy while I chatted with these nice ladies. The ceremony said 5:00 on the schedule, but it was pushed to 5:30 for some reason. The Voices of Liberty sang, someone spoke, the MK symphonic band played and the flag was brought down. The color guard had extra members. They were all castmembers who were serving in the military somehow. They were all in their different uniforms. It was another touching tribute to the events of 9/11.

    We took the monorail back to Epcot and decided on Mexican for dinner. We ate at the fast food place there. It was about 7:30. I wanted to see Tapestry of Dreams (although Stephen thought it looked weird and didn't want to see it), so we found a spot near Norway, on the lagoon side, and watched it. I enjoyed it, but Stephen didn't like it at all. Guess where we headed now? Kaki Gori time!!! I found a spot across from Morrocco to watch Illuminations and Stephen got us Kaki Gori. I made a huge mess of mine, getting it on the wall I was leaning on and all over myself. Don't know what was wrong, but I do know they need to give you bigger spoons!

    We waited for the crowds to thin, and then headed back to our room. It was 9:25 when we got back. We watched some tv coverage of 9/11 events and lights out at about 11:00.

    It did rain and drizzle a lot today, but never really downpoured. The weather reflected the mood of the day, for sure.
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    Our family likes Tubbies too. We always eat breakfast there and have had lunch and supper there too. Always good food on real plates. :)
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    Thanks for sharing your day.
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    Sounds like another nice day!

    And another min-meet to boot!

    Thanks for the report!

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