5 Person Cabins?


Earning My Ears
Jun 9, 2021
We are looking to book a cruise for 2022 with some family. My family is 4, my sister's is 5 and my parents are 2. I've never booked a family cruise before and am having a hard time finding 5 person cabins? Does anyone have any recommendations for boats that would meet our families requirements. I guess we could put a grandkid with gram and pop, but am trying to avoid that so gram and pop can have a place to relax as well.


Oct 27, 2011
All DCL ships offer "Family" staterooms that will sleep 5. I believe it's categories 4 and 8. When you are in the online booking system, enter 5 guests and it will only offer you rooms for that many.


Aug 8, 2011
I book them all the time on DCL as we are a family of 5. You didn't say which ship, but you'll want a category 4(ABCD)


DIS Veteran
Jul 31, 2008
Both the “Deluxe Family Oceanview” and the “Deluxe Family Oceanview w/Verandah” will sleep 5; we used to book those when our three kids were smaller, and they worked out well.

when the kids became older teens and young adults (now 21, 19, and 19), we’ve moved to getting adjoining cabins with a connecting door; it would be a tight squeeze to have 5 adults in one cabin with one bathroom.

so if some of the 5 are kids, either of the two above categories should be fine.


DIS Veteran
Aug 26, 2010
All of the Family Veranda staterooms (Category 4) on the Magic and Wonder, and most of the Family Veranda (Cat 4) and Family Oceanview staterooms (Category 8) on the Dream and Fantasy fit 5 people. These rooms will have a bed that sleeps 2, a sofa that flips into a single bed, a bunk bed that comes down over the sofa bed, and a bed that drops from the wall by the veranda door. The same categories would fit 5 people on the Wish.

As lanejudy said above, you should be able to search directly for staterooms that fit 5 guests.


DIS Veteran
May 29, 2012
I have also booked cruises on DCL for our family of five. Once you enter on the website that you are a group of 5, it will only show you staterooms that fit five people, of which there are plenty on the Disney boats.

Now. for other cruise lines it's more difficult. Last time I checked (a few years ago), on the RCL website if you want a stateroom for more than 4 people you can't do it on the website; you have to call. It is also like this frequently for hotel rooms. Life can be a hassle with three kids!


Earning My Ears
May 6, 2021
As an alternative, if you're still having trouble booking online you can contact a travel agent (I had a good experience with Dreams Unlimited). You should be able to book a 5-person cabin online, and as others have said they do exist, just pointing out an alternative if the website isn't letting you do what it think it should.

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