5 at a value resort?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Lisa S, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Lisa S

    Lisa S Guest

    My neighbor wants to know if it is possible to have 5 people in an All Stars Resort? What if you put a child in a sleeping bag on the floor? How would anyone know. Thx
  2. GailT

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    Apr 28, 2001
    The rooms are very small, one bathroom with 5 people would be hard. There were 3 of us in a Value room and my theory was when I booked it " we are never in the room" well I happene to get sick and my son got sick right after me so in the room it was for a few days, do yourself a favor, if you can afford at least a moderate go for it, values are tiny tiny tiny
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    MAGICinMYHEART <font color=FF0066<b>WL Vet</b><br><font color=gre

    Aug 2, 2003
    Well they would only have four room keys, and one person wouldn't have access for EMH. The values are very small. Who would know? I'm sure the Mousekeeper would be able to tell. Now we all know. But I don't work for the Disney Police .
  5. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Aug 26, 1999
    Legally, you can have 5 if one is under 3 years old, right?
  6. Lisa S

    Lisa S Guest

    What is an EMH? I checked the abbreviations and did not see it.

  7. Deb & Bill

    Deb & Bill DVC-Trivia Contest, Apr-2006: Honorable Mention

    Mar 20, 2000
    Extra Magic Hour - one hour each morning at a different park. Open only to WDW resort guests (and DTD Hilton guests). You have to show a room ID to get into the park early.
  8. HappyMommy2

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    Jun 19, 2003
    Yes, you can have 5 in a room if one (or more) of the kids is under age 3. I think it might be pretty cramped, but that would really depend on the kids' ages, sleeping habits, etc.

    If everyone is over age 3, four people is the limit. :)

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