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Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by sambycat, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. sambycat

    sambycat DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2007
    It's crunch time people!!! We were pleased to find that we were able to make a few adjustments what with our guest talley lowering slightly, and the email i finally found quoting us l slightly lower price for out entertainer and ipod set up, that, with the money we have already paid, we are about $400 over (in payment) what we are doing! so that is kinda good! since we already have paid that $$, i was already interested in maybe plussing up a few things, but then our floral lanner, elizabeth (who is AWESOME), mentioned something about beeing careful so we make our minimum after our recent adjustments...:scared1:

    WHA????? how can we even be close to the minimum?!?! well, turns out all our applicable expenses are sitting right around $10,200 at the moment. somehow i was thinking that our portrait session DID count towards this due to the fact that we are having the 10am ceremony and a) we dont want a first look and b) disney has changed the picture times for us anyway so it really wouldn't work now! i knew i read about the fact that it doesn't count, but i somehow thought ours did because of the time issues. now i know if you use DPS it does count but, IMHO, this contingency is the main huge RIP OFF of all the DFTW!!!! i just think wedding pics are too important to go with that kind of an unknown factor, but i won't belabor the point here....

    so, we really should keep that $400 in the budget as probably our BOC bar may not be as it is estimated. i guess the worst that would happen is that you would get charged for the difference in your budget up to the 10K?

    anyways, i think i know how we will end up using those funds, but i thought i would ask for suggestions as well! here are some details:
    • mad hatter theme at WP/WHR
    • we leave on the cruise the next day and i can't take any of my flowers along, so i really don't want to refresh my bouquet or add fresh floral because it will totally make me sad to see it all go into the trash...
    • we have transportation and other basic issues covered
    • ceremony: we are really ONLY doing a confetti cannon here. i feel like the rose petal aisle would be an easy add, possibly some sort or altar arrangements that could be moved?
    • we are doing and i want minimal to no decor for the pre-reception. white linens and chair covers is it. we have coffee/tea/soda and danish. i am still unconvinced that we will be having this time on that patio and if it moves into the hall well it just seems silly to decorate the hall way. it is still going to be a hallway. i really think we have plenty of food as well, so i really don't want to add here, but we could i guess. also, the simpledecor i think will give even a bigger wow factor to the decor in the whitehall room. we have alisce and the mad hatter coming for this transition time already too
    • reception decor seems like the way to go to me. we have lanterns being hung (really have no idea how many or what this will actually look like), 4 round tables and a sweethear table with basic white linens, chair covers and 4 colors of bright napkins and chair sashes. i think we have a pink overlay on the sweetheart table and we have a small floral centerpiece in a tea pot. the tables have a silver tray centerpiece with various glass bottles, the colored wates, and drink me tags on them. they are not particularly tall. i have made table names in shapes for different alice characters and i like them so i don't think printed table names are needed, and i've put our menu on our programs so i don't think we need that either. we are doing the "eat me" cookies as a favor
    • we've got 2 cakes now (one is a surprise) and a super awesome piano entertainer as well.

    what i wish was that there was another something that $400 would cover. something interesting or with impact. again, i don't think we really need more food and the bar is open and available. i don't want actual floral, but i think rose petals maybe, adding to the napkin ties or chair sashes and maybe alittle something more to the centerpeices will probably do it but gosh, i want something WOW!!!

    any thoughts jump to mind?

  2. princesswendy720

    princesswendy720 DIS Veteran

    Aug 25, 2008
    Are you already getting favors through Disney? If not, you could probably easily spend $400 on favors. Maybe Disney could make your guests some cookies that say "Eat me" on them and wrap them in nice cellophane with ribbon? Or if you wanted to give something that could last, you could give out little tins with tea bags and a tag with your names and wedding date?

    Maybe you could add a champagne toast?
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  4. erin.w

    erin.w DIS Veteran

    May 29, 2007
    I like the eat me cookie idea!
  5. pezaddict231

    pezaddict231 DIS Veteran

    Jan 25, 2009
    I think I would probably add some ceremony decor, you could always do an alter arrangement that could be moved later on.

    What about adding overlays to the other tables? Or maybe they have some whimsical chargers that you could add? I know they have crystal type things that they can sprinkle on the table, maybe they would have something that fits your theme.

    Could you add another character? You could have the White Rabbit come too.
  6. Mindyjoy

    Mindyjoy DIS Veteran

    Oct 25, 2010
    Something that I really want for my reception but will be the first to be cut if I have to, is the sorbet pallet cleanser. The first time I ever had a meal with this was at Club 33 and I thought it was super classy. I think it's $6/person.
  7. LuvLuvLuv

    LuvLuvLuv DIS Veteran

    Sep 24, 2009
    i was going to say a confetti cannon.... but you already have one :(
    you could have another on the other side :)

    i like the aisle petals idea.

    how much would it be to add another character... maybe at a different time?
  8. sambycat

    sambycat DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2007
    thanks everybody first of all!!!!

    yes, we have the cannon and another character would be way more because also it wouldn't be at the same time...

    i like the sorbet idea.... but we have a buffett so not sure if that would work. i was once thinking i wish we had a specialty coffee thing going on.... i should ask about that!

    i think maybe petals, but then i thought if we did do some altar arrangements, don't tey charge you to move them? so then that would be how ever many dollars less for the big bang!!

    i think some kind of plus in the linens and centerpieces must be the way to go? i like the overlay idea.... maybe extr sashes or something? i think we ended up with a "fan" napkin fold deal, which i think adds color, but wouldn't need ribbons or anything. i was looking last night at all the wedding picks and links i could muster. it's hard when you are doing somehting a bit more "custom", it can be hard to envision. there was a wedding on the disney wedding blog a bit ago, also with a mad hatter theme, that has centerpieces just like ours should be - i think maybe adding a bit more height will be the ticket. a sheer overlay of some sort i think would be ok, but i like the look of the white with multicolor accents and our table is going to have an overlay so i kind of like the difference for our table.....

    now our planner mentioned ONE (just one!! ha!) of the alice in wonderland props, a flower with the face on it, bt it is almost $350 and its just one. i like the idea of props, would even like to have the lighted trees or something around the room, but i recall those being quite expensive as well...

    the only other thing i LOVE is all the "enchanted garden" stuff from the couture wedding collection - especially the altaar treatment for that! grrenery and butterflies! very cool! and out of our price range again!! :eek:
  9. sambycat

    sambycat DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2007
    heres what i asked about:
    *lets definitely add more hidden mickeys to mine and jennifers bouquet, but not a TON!! like what if we put like 7 (is that alot? i don't want them ALL over), 4 in jennifers.... and could there be one each on the bouts and the corsages? could that work? also, i don't know why i can't count, but my step mom IS the reader, so we only need 3 corsages. step mom, mom and singer. i am sure thats all! i hope....
    *are the current white linens NOT reaching to the floor? because that seems like a must and i am not sure from your email if you meant an overlay to the floor type deal or just the linens as they are now. to the floor is a must, so that i am sure is going to take a huge chunk right there (poo!) of the "extra" money...
    *lisa had asked something about napkin folds the other night, and although you mentioned ribbon ties (which seem kind of cool) she had suggested a fan fold? this seems like it would definitely add color, and not require any additional cost there. does that sound doable/ok?
    *i thought at some point we had talked about having a pink overlay on the sweetheart table, but i am not seeing that tonite, so i may have hallucinated this.... my initial thought on the whole extra decor, though, would be to (similar to the rough chart of the seating arrangements in progress), perhaps add some kind of sheer overlay to each table in the color coordinating with each table name. in my mind its something kind of sheer, maybe shimmery, but maybe that kind of thing costs 8 million dollars and a kidney! now, if the linens WEREN'T floor length, and that costs some dough & you think keeping the white table cloths would be "more impact", my other thought was just to do some kind of cool blue (instead of pink like i imagined) overlay type deal and gussy up our sweet heart table? i guess what i am saying here, in either event, i would like something more soft and almost pastel and see through than an overlay in the same type of intensity of the sashes etc.... i like the contrast with the white? also, side note, since we have those crazy hats and trace now seems to think he will also decorate tiny vinylmation bride and groom creatures, perhaps we should put those crazy but lovely little birdies on our table somehow, with the tea pot floral? will they get lost on the cake table (now with 2 improved fabulous cakes!)?
    *the next thing i think would be great is just to maybe add more to the centerpieces? if not bottles, tea cups? i don't know, trace is worried about things being giant and weird, but maybe you have some inspiration, assuming there are funds...
    *what about foo-fooing up the chair sashes maybe? 2 colors on each or something added on the back of each chair?
    *we could do petals at the WP - but what about maybe petals somehow near the altar? like what amount of petals to do something up the stairs there? i think there are stairs... HA! not really on the altar per se, but maybe more to set apart that area some? like hot pink or something? is that lame? will it just be nonsense under our feet or the attendant people's feet? ​
  10. Deb loves Disney

    Deb loves Disney Keep Moving Forward

    Jun 18, 2006
    Hi....i really love your ideas, and love the whole Alice in Wonderland/ mad hatter concept. I really wish that I followed through with more theming than we did. I just think it makes the whole day just that much more special.

    I will give you my two cents on the aisle petals. We just recently were married at the wedding pavilion and we had a runner (which I think I read you are having) and I asked for a minimal amount of petals that would make an impact. For $75 we had a scattering down the aisle with them overlapping onto the runner. It looked really pretty and them being partially on the runner helped them stand out a little against the carpet. We also had a scattering on the altar for $25 that turned out to be really nice next to our sand ceremony setup.

    Congratulations on being so close and no matter what you decide it will all turn out special and magical on your day.:wizard:
  11. sambycat

    sambycat DIS Veteran

    Mar 24, 2007
    thanks! i appreciate the petal advice! actually i had been making an aisle runner, but i decided against using it.... i mean i do have it, but in talking with the original planner and the whole rolling and unrolling deal, well i gave that up for my confetti cannon!! :banana:

    going to see if i can see what your petals were like on the altar! :dance3:

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