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Jan 23, 2001
My family of five 13,9 and 3 will be in Orlando for a week the first week in may. I can get a three day US and IOA pass with canadian money at par. We will not be doing the Disney thing this year as we can not afford it so we are just getting are feet wet this year BUT here goes the questions...Is three days too long for US and IOA? Is there a good water park to go to? We also want to find a beach. Please help me! I have no idea what Orlando is like. Thank YOU!!
That will give you one entire day for each park and one day to revisit the attractions you liked best. We are allocating 4 days for US/IOA for our next trip.

Have fun!

Donna R.
I agree with Donna.

I think 3 days is ideal for USF/IOA. I'd do USF the first day, IOA the next and the best of the two the third, and you WILL have favorites!

By the third day you will be an expert on when and how to do the parks.



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I spent 5 days once at USF/IOA and I could have used a few more days! :)


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Wet-n-Wild is about a mile from Univeral and is a great Water park. You will have to drive to a beach. Orlando is in the middle of the state. Tampa bay, St.Petersburg and ClearWater about 1-2 and 1/2 hours away on the gulf. Cape Canaverail is closer on the East cost. Never been the cape.
I don't think you'll find three days too long, but if for some reason you do, remember that unused days never expire!{

Kelly Monaghan
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I agree with everyone else. I like that one whole day for each park, then go back the third day to do your favorite rides.

Have you decided where you will be staying yet? On site guests do get front of the line access!


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