20% off Marriot (easy)


Earning My Ears
Mar 16, 2001
I had limited success with Piceline and still needed another night at a resort in Orlando. In May, my wife-to-be and myself will be celebrating our honeymoon. I am budgeting as best I can for this, but it is still tricky. Anyway I wanted to spend at least one night at a Disney restort on Disney property, so I found a way to get 20% off the price of our stay at the Disney Marriot. U-Give. Setup a portfolio by going to the travel section and adding the Marriot certificate in any denomination. You can send this portfolio to someone you closely trust (like a fiance). At checkout enter code M63U53 and you will get 20% off. There is no shipping fee since the U-Give portfolio comes by e-mail to the recipient and the recipient isn't charged anything to redeem. So if you send a $100 gift certificate, it will only cost you $80. I already have a $50 Marriot certificate from my Capital One premium rewards credit card and have $20 more coming from a portfolio from Questions.net (which is how I found out about the U-Give 20% off code after checkout.. which isn't user specific because both $10 cash-outs at questions.net revealed the 20% off code for next time). So with the last gc I ordered for $50 ($40 charged), I only spend $40 at Mariott (assuming they take all these gift certificates). good luck! ;)

I'm new to this forum, so I hope it was ok to post the code. If not, MODs please remove the code and feel free anyone to mail bencjedi@rebelscum.net for the code and I will mail it to you. ;)

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