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Earning My Ears
Feb 8, 2002
I bought my first BWV contract (200 pts.) thru resale in the summer and am in the process of buying a second BWV contract (150 pts.) thru resale. My first use year is Oct. and the new one will be Sept. Will I have 2 member numbers? Will I be able to combine the two contracts when making reservations? When there is a special promotion (like the pins after 9/11) will I get two??? Anything you experienced DVCers can tell me will be much appreciated. By the way, we are making our first DVC visit in September and I still haven't even seen BWV. Just wanted you to know how persuasive this board is! I became convinced that 200 points wasn't going to be enough.
We have two different use years. You do get two different member numbers. As to promotions, pins, publications, we get sent only one of each and thus are treated as a single member for that purpose. You can use points in one contract to make ressies for some nights and points in the other to make ressies for remaining nights and then link the two. You can also transfer points from one account to another to make a ressie for that odd-man-out night during your vacation for which you need to combine points to reserve; and they will not count that particularly transfer of points against you towards your allowed one "transfer" per year.
You will not get two mailings for one address. If you want 2 mailings, you need to use a different address for one of the accounts. I know all about this as my wife is not on the first contract and therefore it was important to here as the principal owner of the second contract to get all of the "stuff". It took some doing and after several tries, the only thing that worked was sending it to the office for one.

The other info you've gotten about sharing points between 2 use years at the same resort is right on.
thepalagis was reading my mind. we're in the process of trying to buy a resale and all those questions have been plaguing me too.

Thanks for the answers!

You will not get two mailings for one address.

I believe this is suppose to be the case, but on occassion we get two mailings at the same name and address. For example we got two of the recent BCV sales promo mailings. On other mailings in the past we have again on occassion received two mailings.

However for things like the pins, or other special items, we've always only received one.

I'm thinking there may be a couple of different mailing lists that are treated differently.
We have gotten duplicates recently at both addresses (total of 4) for the packages with the postcards, the VM (last one) and at least on other item. I believe this is a mix up with their system and expect it to be fixed soon.
Thanks for all the useful information. It's really good to know that if I transfer points for a specific reservation I will still have the opportunity to transfer again later in the same year. Now I'll return to my usual "lurker" mode.

This is probable wrong but if you have two contracts at the same address but two different names on each of the contracts wouldn't you then get double the promotional stuff?? I have 150pts and DH has 150 pts same address different names on the contract. I am new to DVC - it will be interesting to see what happens.:)
No, tried that, actually tried that twice in different forms. The issue is that the duplication screen actually screens for address and not necessarily name. You must have 2 different addresses to get duplicate mailings. It's not a big issue for things that come from MS or the like and you can usually get a duplicate just by asking and this is how we did it for a while, but for the pins and other similar things, it was an issue. Since my wife is not on the first contract, duplicate mailings are essentially a measure of whether she's included or not, at least in her eyes.


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