12/1/05 3 day Wonder Part 3

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    Oct 10, 2002
    Our last day was spent at Castaway Cay. We were on of the first few off the ship. A note: Photographers weren't out there yet, so we had to go back later and get some pictures taken. We went to Castaway Ray's Stingray shack and it was great, high recommend it. Then we walked around and then when Cookies's opened, we were there. To those of you who have not yet been, there are CMs that have little stands set up to set you Coke, water, don't buy it, at Cookies, it is free. There were Christmas carolers singing at the nearby gazebo, wearing sunglasses. Castaway Cay as well as the ship were beautifully decorated for the holidays. DD and I went with the Oceaneers club and went to Monstro dig for a adventure, there were a couple other parents there as well, then DD was off to Scuttle's Cove for water olympics while I walked around some more.Then we went back onto the ship early so I could go to internet cafe and print boarding passes for Southwest. The Children's farewell show was just as great as last year. DD even saw her counselor, Bella from last year,but now Bella has moved up to trainig the counselors. The last night was Triton's and a new thing the day of disembarktion, no more buffet, you eat where you had dinner the night before. Disembarktion was easy and also sad.

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