12/1/05 3 Day Wonder Part 1

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    Hello Everyone!
    Sorry it has taken this long for me to write my report. Well, here it goes:
    This was our second Disney Wonder cruise. I have posted a Magic Kingdom and Sea World report that was the precursor to the cruise on the trip reports board.
    We stayed at the ASMO, our second time there and took a taxi over to AKL to catch the DCL bus to PO. We had our luggage with the DCL tags and they were taken by a bell hop. We ate some breakfast/lunch at the buffet resturant near the pool. We walked around and saw a few animals and took lots of pictures of the lobby. An hour later, we were on the DCL bus. We had to make a couple of stops and then on the way to PO.
    We arrived around 2:15 and the security lines weren't really bad and then up the escalater to check in. We went to the Castaway Club line with no wait. And then we were on the ship after taking the Welcome aboard picture. The stateroom we had was the same as last year, 6632 as I had requested.We dropped off the carry ons and went for lunch. We were going to have lunch at Parrot Cay, but by that time they were closed and were having everyone go to Topsiders, which I love, but we didn't have much time to eat because at 3pm we were meeting some Dis'ers at the Goofy pool. After the meet, it was a quick trip to Guest Services to drop off some Traveler's checks and to have a photo mat signed for DD. Then back to the room to get ready for Safety drill. After the drill, drop off the life jackets and off to Goofy pool again to get ready for sail away party. DD and I passed out some bubbles and enjoyed the sail away party. I had registered DD online for Oceaneer's club, so we went up there after dinner and she played for a couple hours. We had wonderful tablesmates, an married couple who was celebrating the 10th anniversary who were in their 50's and a single mom with her son who was the same age as DD. Part 2 coming soon.
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    AWESOME!! Anxiously awaiting PART 2!!!! :cool1:

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