1. Apeters430

    Minimum for direct benefits raising on 10/1

    Was told today that the minimum for blue card is raising to 125 points on 10/1. I’m sorry but WHAT??!! What are they thinking?? Most direct benefits are absolutely useless right now. You can not even buy an annual pass if you’re a new member. I kindly told my rep “No Thank You” and went back to...
  2. L

    Direct vs Resale?

    Hello! I keep going back and forth on direct vs resale- we are a family of 5. I was thinking the annual pass discount is pretty significant. What are your thoughts?
  3. R

    DVC Resale From the UK!!!

    Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if this has been mentioned before. I have had an offer accepted from Fidelity on a resale contract for SSR. Contracts have been sent through to me to sign etc 1) Firstly They are advising to use First American, I have read some bad reviews and have heard...
  4. I

    What's the best way to purchase Direct combined with Resale DVC?

    I have been trying to sort through all of the info on how the direct and resale work and specifically how they work together. I am interested in buying DVC, but would like to purchase 100 direct for the perks but save on the rest of the points by purchasing Resale. I know there is plenty of...
  5. cobenz

    Thinking of buying - want advice

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying DVC within the next year or two (once I have more saved up) and am definitely thinking of buying at least partially direct from Disney. I think I would need 150 pts total in order to do all the vacations I am dreaming of. Wondering if you guys know how much stock...
  6. L

    DVC resale/availability question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying DVC, and have looked at both resale and direct (and a combo of both). I thought about doing direct to maintain the benefits and potential for booking at riviera/future resorts. However, it seems that only members with certain resorts as their home resort will...
  7. K

    DVC Class System - Should Disney sell a full benefits add-on?

    After watching the latest DVC show, Pete mentioned that Disney has created this DVC class system by putting in resale restrictions. I had never thought of this before and, in my opinion, it really devalues having a resale contract. I'm not saying having a resale contract is a bad thing as I...
  8. M

    DVC Lounges

    Hello all, my first post so it's certainly exciting, I hope I word this correctly. If I was to purchase a DVC contract via resale, will those points suffice with getting me into Top of the World and/or the DVC Lounge at Epcot? Thanks in advance,
  9. Chrisizzle

    DVC resale member invited to Moonlight Magic.

    I am a new-ish resale owner at BLT. I just got an email from DVC with an invitation to book attendance at 2020 Moonlight Magic events. My resale contract should not get me into Moonlight Magic and the link does not actually work either. Before I get my hopes up: 1) Was I sent this in error...
  10. H

    DVC point usage restrictions

    I was looking up information on transferring points and came across the following DVC points bought via resale can only be used at the 14 original DVC resorts and not Disney’s new Riviera Resort or at the new Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge at Walt Disney World (once completed). Resale...
  11. D

    Question about buying resale.

    Hello fellow DVC Members! I'm looking to purchase a DVC resale contract. I've found one (GFV) however I read that as of 2016 if you buy resale you are not entitled to shopping, merchandise discounts, member exclusive events and other perks. I already own direct from Disney (CC) so if I...
  12. E

    Dvc expiration year

    Hello All, I’m fairly new to the research aspect of buying resale, learning so much on the forum! Can anyone clarify- when purchasing a resale contract is there a set expiration date on all contracts per each resort, or do they vary? I saw a poster mention that an OKW contract had a 2057 exp...