You have one night..which one?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by meredith1, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. meredith1

    meredith1 DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2011
    Yacht Club, garden view OR rent points for AKV (savanna view) one bedroom?

    The cost is about the same. We will arrive at the resort around 4 pm (after less than 2 hour flight) and have our first ADR at Tusker at 8:10 the following morning. Our children DD(5) and twins (B/G-3)

    We'll transfer to BLT two bedroom, MK view for the next 6 nights when my parents arrive.

    I guess my concern is that there is a bunch to do around YC and we basically have to stay put at AKV after travel with three young kids....we have never stayed away from the monorail resorts of CR or BLT. We are looking forward to it! Please help. :)
  2. Sue M

    Sue M DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2009
    Are you going to a park that night? If so, Epcot or DHS would be easy to get to from YC. If you are planning on staying in, there's lots to do at AKL. There is the obv animal watching. Stories around the campfire, roasting marshmallow, movies by the pool, and a great pool to swim in. If you are in Kidani they have a wonderful water play area your kids would love. Jambo has the better pool.
    And night vision goggles for viewing the savana after dark. I don't think you'd run out of things to do.
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  4. MMS1125

    MMS1125 Put your faith in what you most believe in.

    Jul 10, 2010
    Of the two I'd do YC whether doing a park or not. Take advantage of the pool for an evening

    Another option and slightly cheaper since it's just for 1 night what about an AoA suite? Your kids would enjoy it and I think their pool is probably a lot more child you and your partner get a room to yourself while the kids sleep
  5. Dizzytime

    Dizzytime DIS Veteran

    Apr 6, 2008
    I agree, YC would be my choice. You're going to have to get on a bus for your Tusker House ADR the next morning regardless, just a little longer ride from YC but all the advantages of having so much within walking distance of the resort.
    Have a great stay!

  6. hrt2hrtmomdeb

    hrt2hrtmomdeb Mouseketeer

    Aug 8, 2006
    I'd definitely stay at AKL. There are tons of things to do and you can experience staying in the lodge to see if you'd like to stay longer on a future trip. You do not feel like you are even in florida in that place! Absolutely love it.
  7. kmb584

    kmb584 DIS Veteran

    May 12, 2010
    If you aren't planning on going to a park that evening I'd opt for AKL. There is SO much to do within the resort itself and I'm sure your children would love not only seeing all of the animals but feeling as if they were in their backyard (which essentially they are).

    If you are going to be going to a park, go for YC. It's proximity to both Epcot and HS makes for a nice walk or ride on the Friendship Boats. SAB is incredible, hands down the best pool and play area on property. You won't have to trek 3 little ones, very tired little ones, very far at the end of the night either.
  8. DisneyFansInNYC

    DisneyFansInNYC DIS Veteran

    May 28, 2012
    We love the EPCOT area. That is where we stay now but with the Tusker House early reservations I would do AKL. Especially just for one night. There is a lot to do their for the kids.
  9. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph DIS Veteran

    Sep 19, 2012
    Are you planning to pack up and check out of your resort then travel to AK for an 8:10am breakfast reservation at Tusker House? If that is the plan, then that will be a very busy morning. You will have to be at the bus stop no later than 7:45am no matter what resort you are at. Tusker House has a wonderful character breakfast. We were there with our grandchildren who were the same age as your children, and it was great for them. :goodvibes

    Either resort has a lot to offer. I would definitely choose YC if I had park tickets for that night. If I didn't have park tickets I would stay at AKL.
  10. RapunzelsGoodMom

    RapunzelsGoodMom Mouseketeer

    Sep 13, 2012
    AKL Savannah view is definitely my pick! We are doing almost that same trip in Sept and staying our arrival day at AKL SV before going to Bay Lake. Great kids activities and fun pool and slide. And given Tusker House the next AM, I'd definitely do AKL. We typically just pack all our stuff for the first day in one bag together and leave the rest of the stuff in the car. Works great! And there's no better theming in Disney than AKL, IMO.

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