"You Go, Girl!" August Exercise Challenge


DIS Veteran
May 1, 2010
45 minutes for me yesterday to finish the month

First month that I haven't met goal in a long time but life happens sometimes, I am working extra hours to help with staffing at work so I have had less time to get active minutes in walking or cycling :(


I was a click-clack champ!!
May 16, 2006
Final Stats Update:

:rainbow: We have Team Reward Red, and sophy1996 reached Goal Green!!! :cheer2::yay::cheer2::yay:

We had one person sign up, but not come back, so I have removed their number from the total goal. That leaves us at 9,006/9,585, or 94%, with 90% of the team reaching at least red, and 42% finishing at or above their goals!!! Go, team!!!


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