Yacht Club vs. Boardwalk standard room sizes


Jun 1, 2019
I need to decide between Boardwalk standard view and yacht club standard view. I am slightly leaning toward YC due to ongoing refurbishment and QS options at boardwalk but am trying to understand room sizes because we are family of 5 including a toddler. I find agreement on yacht club room size @380 sqft which is maybe a little tight but mind you this is a split stay with CBR and we have stayed in Dolphin (doubles not queens) with 5 before. I find some sources indicating boardwalk standard view are 371 sqft and others reporting 434 sqft. Does anyone know if they are really comparable sizes? maybe a mixup with villas vs hotel side or maybe just some larger rooms benefiting from corner rooms or something? If they are pretty much same size I will probably go yacht club but if it is actually a bit larger at boardwalk it gives me pause.
I find some sources indicating boardwalk standard view are 371 sqft and others reporting 434 sqft. Does anyone know if they are really comparable sizes?
Yes BWI and YC are very comparable at 371 vs 380 square feet. To be 434 a BWI would be between a Poly room and a GF room which is a no possible way.

When are you going as that is the big decider? If this year the YC would be my choice. If it is in 2025 then I would pick BWI since the YC will be having a room refresh and SAB will be closed Jan - June for pool work.

I am going in August split stay with either yacht or BW 4 nights, 2 nights Dolphin (2 rooms because bed size) and 3 nights CBR . We have stayed YC for very short stays 2 times and definitely are fans, but BW has been on bucket list for a while which is why its considered. It is probably the rational choice for us to do YC again, I just always regret not doing BW every trip LOL. Split stays are the norm for us because we use a lot of points/miles and jumping through hoops, but I am pretty set on other two dolphin and CBR so I just need to confirm yacht vs. boardwalk.
I am slightly leaning toward YC due to ongoing refurbishment and QS options at boardwalk
Just to make your decision harder is the fact the refurbishments are all on the DVC of the BW. The QS issue is really only a 7 minute walk decision as you can easily chose from QS options at the SWAN & Dolphin, YC or BC all from the BWI.

Also the BWI rooms were just refurbished last year while it has been 6+ years since the YC was refreshed. Would you have time to enjoy SAB? Depending on the ages of your children it can be hard to keep up the a wide range up ages over the very large SAB. While the BW feature has a great water slide and you are able to keep track of the children.

It is a hard decision, lol. We are pretty seasoned and have stayed many times in the area, mostly dolphin (probably a dozen trips over the years) but 2x @YC before so we know the lay of the land pretty well. We actually really like the YC rooms and pretty much do pools every single day but have a sort of love-hate relationship with SAB because it is so busy and so hot without much shade. If we do yacht it will be priority to do SAB earlier than normal or even possibly in the evening which disrupts our normal pattern of pool during afternoon breaks breaking up morning and evening park time, particularly with park hopping days... I think the main plus from my side on yacht is the theming, great central lobby, more dining options right there including not having to go outside to access shops and QS, pools are a wash because SAB is objectively better but likely more crowded with (maybe) less shade,. With cake bake not open yet and construction unknowns, im maybe leaning yacht... But then again, the main appeal is being right there on boardwalk, taking in the performers and activities and I definitely like the theming @ BW but I think I liked it better pre-refurb, like some of the charm is (maybe) lessened. If we do yacht, we still have easy access to Boardwalk area so I am probably leaning yacht since room size is pretty comparable.
We have stayed at BWI and YC multiple times and both within the past year. I would highly recommend YC, especially in the summer. Being able to access QS and a TS while staying indoors in the AC is a big plus for me. Getting food at BWI is a massive pain, IMHO, and the menu choices at the deli are really lacking. We have always had noise issues at BWI. We tried it one last time in November, after the resort side refurb thinking, somehow, that would have made a difference - nope - it's just always so loud there. I will only stay at BWI from here on out if I am on the villas side and then only a 1-bedroom or larger to be away from the hallway.


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