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May 20, 2006
Okay, i'll join to see what everyone's talking about..

k. edit.

I don't like it at all..

I look like a freak with a huge head 0_o

Guess it's just not for me. - shower time
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    Feb 27, 2005
    DISboard rules prevent using members for referals.

    Xivio can be discussed, but once it feels to much of an advertising campaign, or you appear to be profiting (even virtually) by it, this will be shut down.


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    May 4, 2008
    Ok Xivio is a great site I play, it helped me with the sadness of VMK closure.

    If you register you get 6 months premium for FREE! If you don't already know you can play free.


    15 Vios an hour

    Premium Rooms-ATM and trash can

    ADMIN powers-Admin powers in your own room ~ban ~fire ~hire ~boot and most wanted ~mute

    Rares-You get 1 rare each month

    Badge-Badge to identify you as a premium

    More items-More items are available in the shop

    No wait- No wait to get in public rooms if they are full

    You get all this AND:

    A hompy-your profile mix an match colors upload pictures on it and videos and music

    Web cam-To be able to web cam with other members

    and more...


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    May 4, 2008

    How to earn vios: In Xivio the money we use is called vios, you earn Vios by staying online, you earn 7 per hour-if you are a premium get 15. You also can compete-well in Xivio we build. Also you can play play hosted games and sell items to other players.

    How to identify a staff: In Xivio our staffs are called "Guardians", guardians have yellow halos (Age is 18+). Also there are jr guardians which is a guardian to be (ANY age) They have purple halos. Helper-welcome and help people of xivio (ANY AGE) The players have blue halos. Exchanger, exchangers help with trades make sure trades are fair, he halos look like an infinity sign with an ex above it.

    How to earn a halo: To earn a halo you MUST be friendl, kind, helpful, trustworthy and very patient. The more you help the higher chance you are gonna earn your halo, if you get reported you will be sent back a couple days after getting reported 3 times you will most likely not become a helper or jr guardian or exchanger

    How to make a CD: In xivio you listen to music. Click the musical note icon, then click the +. click on Folder1 and click upload, then click 3 vios for a song. Now select a song. After finish uploading check yor pocket you should have you CD

    EDIT:Will be editing

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