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Discussion in 'Eating Healthy' started by nativetxn, Sep 19, 2003.

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    Feb 15, 2000
    I took unpeeled cucumber slices and topped them with alouette Savory Vegetable spreadable cheese. Very easy, has a nice crunch, sugar free and I think it's pretty tasty.

    A serving of the cheese spread is 2 tablespoons and contains:
    60 calories (50 calories from fat)
    6 grams fat
    1 gram protein
    1 gram carbohydrates (no fiber)

    A serving of cucumber slices= 1/2 cup
    7 calories
    0.1 gram fat (who knew cucumbers had fat?)
    0.4 grams protein
    1.7 grams total carbs
    0.7 grams of fiber
    1.0 grams net carbs

    So if you eat one serving each of the cheese and cucumbers you would be consuming a total of 67 calories and 2 grams of impact carbohydrates.

  2. SlightlyGoofy

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    May 5, 2001
    Hi there Native

    It is so true that the simple things are the best and this is a great idea. Would make a great snack when I am craving something crunchy. The cheese/protein is filling as well. Might be great with Laughing Cow cheese as well. Kroger had their cheeses for 99 cents for 8 oz today and I am well stocked. LOL

    Slightly Goofy/Linda

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