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    Nov 16, 2001
    My wife has a business meeting in Orlando, and we are thinking about renting a 2BR condo at Wyndham Bonnet Creek. We may arrive a day early, but other than that she will be busy every day. We will be able to bring plenty of groceries, but will be without a car every day.

    I have some questions which I haven't seen addressed:

    1. Are the Wyndham buses to the parks ever completely full so that they have to leave people behind?

    2. In looking at a map, it should cost no more to take a cab from a theme park to Bonnet Creek than to take a cab to the Boardwalk. Is this correct? Likewise, since the Boardwalk always has cabs, if I was in a hurry to get back to the resort we could just take a Disney bus to the Boardwalk and catch a cab over to Bonnet Creek. Am I right?

    3. Are cabs readily available at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, and if so how much is the typical fare to the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney?

    4. There is a Hilton and Waldorf resort in the Bonnet Creek area. Can one walk from Wyndham to the Hilton/Waldorf in search of a restaurant?

    5. My children are 12 and 13. At Disney this is old enough to go to the pool on their on. What about Wyndham?

    6. What is the best building for parents of young teens in terms of access to the best pool/arcade/snack bars, as well as comfort for the parents.

    Thanks all!
  2. Brian Noble

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    Mar 23, 2004
    1: probably.
    2: approximately. BC may be a little bit more, because it is a little bit farther down Buena Vista Drive. But, it is closer to DTD.
    3: http://www.mearstransportation.com/services/taxi-fare-estimator.asp
    4: Unless you have mobility issues, yes. They are quite close.
    5: don't know.
    6: I'm not sure it matters that much. Everything is close to everything else.

    Unasked, but: You should get a rental car.
  3. ttfn3

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    Nov 12, 2000
    Parent of a teenager here!

    The shuttle buses to Disney can get quite full. I would suggest that to leave WBC that you get on the shuttle at Building #6. It loads here first - and then goes to the Main/Activity Building. You will also want to make sure you are there 5-10 minutes before the buses are due to leave. Going back from Disney can be more trickey. We used it last week to leave Epcot. The same bus picks up at MK first - so there wasn't enough room for everyone to load the bus at Ecpot. The bus driver said another bus was coming soon. Since I was solo, I was able to fit into the first bus (tho. I had to stand) - so I'm not sure. I definitely would recommend a rental car for this resort. It will give you more flexibility. Oh - if you do use the shuttles, you can shuttle to MK, and use Disney transportation to Disney resorts. The shuttle will drop you off at the TCC.

    The Hilton isn't far from WBC if you can easily walk. WBC also has some food onsite. Plus, you can order food delivered to WBC (we had Flippers pasta, salad, and pizza one night).

    I don't remember seeing any restrictions ages of teens at the pools. There are no lifeguards - except for the pool between Tower 2 & 3 (for the slide) and one near the slide at Tower 6. As for location, if you can walk - the pathway around the lake is 2/3 mile - so everything is a close walk. We stayed in Tower 2 on the top floor - and we really liked this Tower. We hung out at the pool between 2 & 3 most of the time. It wasn't as crowded at the other pools and was closer to our room - plus had a nice bar with a nice selection of nonalcoholic smoothies that my teenager enjoyed. There's also a minature golf course, and sand volleyball near it. At lot of people on this board recommend Tower 6 - it's huge so the pool is very crowded - plus I'm not a big fan of salt water pools (Tower 6 pool and main pool are saltwater).

    My son is a runner - and I felt very comfortable letting him run around the lake during the day time. He also did a bit of roaming. Security monitors the resort - so I felt comfortable letting him roam a bit.

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