WW Basics- Goal Weight and Points Target Charts

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  1. WebmasterKathy

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    Mar 9, 2002
    It's been awhile, and I see LOTS of new faces around. I thought this would be a good time to post some "basics" for new Weight Watchers or for those of us who sometimes need a little refresher. :)

    To start, some help with setting a realistic and healthy goal.

    Here's the WW chart for recommended healthy body weight ranges, by height:

    <table border="5">
    <tr><td> <b> Height <td> <b>Min Weight <td> <b>Max for ages 17-25 <td> <b>Max for ages 25-45 <td> <b>Max for all adults
    <tr><td> 4'9" <td> 92 <td> 106 <td> 111 <td> 115
    <tr><td> 4'10" <td> 95 <td> 110 <td> 115 <td> 119
    <tr><td> 4'11" <td> 99 <td> 114 <td> 119 <td> 124
    <tr><td> 5'0" <td> 102 <td> 118 <td> 123 <td> 128
    <tr><td> 5'1" <td> 106 <td> 121 <td> 127 <td> 132
    <tr><td> 5'2" <td> 109 <td> 125 <td> 131 <td> 136
    <tr><td> 5'3" <td> 113 <td> 130 <td> 135 <td> 141
    <tr><td> 5'4" <td> 116 <td> 134 <td> 140 <td> 145
    <tr><td> 5'5" <td> 120 <td> 138 <td> 144 <td> 150
    <tr><td> 5'6" <td> 124 <td> 142 <td> 148 <td> 155
    <tr><td> 5'7" <td> 127 <td> 147 <td> 153 <td> 159
    <tr><td> 5'8" <td> 131 <td> 151 <td> 158 <td> 164
    <tr><td> 5'9" <td> 135 <td> 155 <td> 162 <td> 169
    <tr><td> 5'10" <td> 139 <td> 160 <td> 167 <td> 174
    <tr><td> 5'11" <td> 143 <td> 165 <td> 172 <td> 179
    <tr><td> 6'0" <td> 147 <td> 169 <td> 177 <td> 184
    <tr><td> 6'1" <td> 151 <td> 174 <td> 182 <td> 189
    <tr><td> 6'2" <td> 155 <td> 179 <td> 187 <td> 194
    <tr><td> 6'3" <td> 160 <td> 184 <td> 192 <td> 200
    <tr><td> 6'4" <td> 164 <td> 189 <td> 197 <td> 205
    <tr><td> 6'5" <td> 168 <td> 194 <td> 202 <td> 210

    Here's the FlexPoints Points Target chart:
    <table border="5">
    <tr><td> <b>Your Weight Now <td> <b>POINTS Target
    <tr><td> less than 150 pounds <td> 20
    <tr><td> 150 to 174 pounds <td> 22
    <tr><td> 175 to 199 pounds <td> 24
    <tr><td> 200 to 224 pounds <td> 26
    <tr><td> 225 to 249 pounds <td> 28
    <tr><td> 250 to 274 pounds <td> 30
    <tr><td> 275 to 299 pounds <td> 31
    <tr><td> 300 to 324 pounds <td> 32
    <tr><td> 325 to 349 pounds <td> 33
    <tr><td> 350 pounds or more <td> 34

    And everyone gets 35 FlexPoints per week!

    Of course, there's LOTS MORE to this. Weight Watchers is about eating a healthy variety of foods, and learning what appropriate portions are. (A typical restaurant portion would probably feed three people!!) We drink lots of water, and get those bodies moving for healthy bones and muscles!

    Fellow Weight Watchers, join in and share your best tips to success on the program here!
  2. cinmell

    cinmell <marquee><font color=blue>The first person to repl

    Jan 17, 2000
    Thanks so much for the charts! Your post is the motivation I needed to jumpstart me into getting out of this little slump I've fallen into and remind me I still have work to do! I've lost 33 so far and I'm hoping I can lose 50 more. :D
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  4. sharoncity

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    Sep 26, 1999
    Thanks Kathy! I have to say though, there is no way I would want to weigh what weight watchers says should be my goal weight. I would be too skinny, face would look drawn, etc. I am trying to lose about 25 lbs. I would be happy with that and I think it would be a weight I would be comfortable to maintain at.

    I think the important things are exactly what you said - portion control, water and exercise!!!! I've recently joined Curves in hopes of jump starting my weight loss. BTW, anyone know how many activity points to allocate for 30 min at Curves?!
  5. Tera

    Tera Do or do not, there is no try

    Mar 5, 2004
    Thanks Kathy for posting that.

    I've been with WW for just over 7 weeks and am loving it so far. I've lost 12.8 pounds and about 8.5 inches so far. I find writing everything down really helps me be aware of what I'm eating and drinking LOTS of water (average of 100 ounces per day). I've been working out pretty good for over a year, but have turned it up more since joining WW with more weights and cardio. I think it's important to have low point snacks around for those times you just need to eat something.

    I have a long way to go to my goal, but I'm focusing on my first 10% and then the next and so on. Hoping to get close to my goal by May 1st right before our first cruise!!!
  6. WebmasterKathy

    WebmasterKathy Administrator Administrator

    Mar 9, 2002
    Way to go, Tera! You're off to a great start. :sunny:

    And you've got the perfect attitude. It can be overwhelming to look at the entire amount of weight we want to lose at one time. But taking it by smaller increments makes it very DOable! Whether you focus on a 10% goal, or attack it 5 pounds at a time, you can achieve lots of small goals. And those small goals add up to BIG losses!
  7. MelessaG

    MelessaG DIS Veteran

    Feb 7, 2004
    Remember to add ten points to your daily total if you are a nursing mom, like me.

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