Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

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    Hello everybody!! My name is Faye, and i'm 19 years old from Woking in Surrey, England. I have no idea how I even ended up here, hence the title of this thread ;). I thought, since I am here with you now, I should share with you one of many experiences at WDW. It was a wonderful August day at the Magic Kingdom and my family and I had got fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Space Mountain directly after (bad idea). So, to kill some time we decided to go over to Tom Sawyer Island. We hopped aboard the raft, and this is where it really gets interesting. I believe we had a trainee cast member steering the raft and she really had no clue, bless her. She kept crashing into the rocks and I counted 5 other rafts that got to the other side before us. Then we heard the horn of the Liberty Belle and it was coming our way! The girl was sweating quite vigorously by now, still retaining a smile on her face as she frantically tried to steer to the raft away from the riverboat. Then, a Swedish cast member who was also on the raft managed to steer us to safety. Everybody else got off the raft to the island as me and my family stayed on as we really needed to go before out fast passes ran out. The girl steered us back after over 40 minutes on this raft!! I can't imagine how the young girl must have felt as a majority of the other cast members were laughing at her rather than helping her get back to land. We got to Space Mountain about 15 minutes late but we explained to the cast member's our situation and they let us on!! ::yes:: So that is one of my many experiences at WDW, and I hope to share many more with you all. That's all for now

    -- Faye.
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