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    Apr 28, 2003
    Hello everyone!

    Wow, I've been dis-ing for nearly 6 years now (mostly lurking though) and haven't noticed this board before, woo hoo, our own place on the dis!! :banana:

    I'd better introduce myself! I'm Sam, 28, live in Leicester in the UK with my partner of 5 years, Jane, our baby (blue roan cocker spaniel called Riley) and the two other furbabies, puss cats Bean and Dibble. We're off to WDW again in December and I can't wait!! We're doing 9 days in WDW (hopefully at AKL or WL) and 5 days in Vegas (Bellagio if we can get a decent deal!). I'm really excited about this trip as we are going with our best friends this time so it should be a real giggle.

    Okay, I've waffled long enough, off to read the L Word thread to get spoilers... we won't start s3 for about 6 months yet.. waaaahhhh!!!
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    Dec 26, 2005

    My partner and I are DVC members but I have never been on the boards before until we planned a trip on a Disney Cruise (1/28/06). We are very excited to go and so I started researching cruises and found this great discussion spot for gays/lesbians. How much better does it get when you can put lesbians and Disney together! :cheer2:

    p.s. My partner's mother is from Summerton and her dad is from Eovil. They have been over here for a few years but everyone goes back to visit the family frequently.

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