Would anyone divulge their rate at Portofino?


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Oct 23, 2000
Just curious. I checked the rates about 9 months ago when planning our trip but I thought they were very high at the Portofino. Couldn't beat my $50.00 Starwood rate for a suite at the Sheraton World. But I keep reading about how wonderful the Portofino is, and FOTL seems like it is priceless. The third day we were there (during Thanksgiving week) we couldn't use Universal Express, and it was quite disappointing. I think it would have been a different trip with FOTL all day long!
That's a standard room, with entertainment discount, and during off-season. I put a similar post on here about a month ago and nobody that replied had a rate of less than $160. I'll be curious to see if that has changed!

I tried Dreams Res on this site and I was quoted $250/night for November.


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We were there a couple of weeks ago. Stayed at the Portofino from Thanksgiving night until Sunday; we loved it, and definitely plan to go back. Had a rate of $159/night, AP, although Friday and Saturday was SUPPOSED to be $188; I ran into major problems with misinformation when making the reservation, and they compensated me by giving me the $159 rate.

We had no idea about FOTL before we went--we were even told at checkin that it was only until noontime!--and it was wonderful. It gave us the time to go back to the Portofino during the day and enjoy the pool and everything else the Portofino has to offer.
I had a package that was offered over the summer and again in the fall thru Dec 21 I believe. It was called sizzling savings package. I paid for 3 nights at $160 a night and got the fourth night free. Keep your eyes open it may run again after the busy season.

Check out <A HREF="http://www.hoteldiscounts.com" TARGET="_blank">www.hoteldiscounts.com</A> . I got a rate of $179+ tax ($200 total, w/tax) for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. With hoteldiscounts, you have to prepay, but you can cancel if you have to for a fee of I think $50. This was by far the best rate I could find for that time period. The hotel itself was quoting me a price of $444 a night!!

Before our plans were changed, I was going to be there the first week of Jan. With a Universal Fan card discount, I had a room booked for around $160 a night+ tax.
$232.00 (includes tax) for Deluxe Pool View in January with the Entertainment rate.

29 days and counting! :D
We got $169.00 per night for 10 nights in Feb. 2001. This is an entertainment card rate. We are lucky because we had some problems last time we stayed there that we have an upgrade to a kids suite with this rate. I can't wait.
I have been so impressed with all of your rates and was wondering if you could help us out? We would like to stay at the Portofino in December (around the 9th) for a couple of nights, but I was wondering about a few things?

What is the Entertainment card?

We plan on purchasing a Seasonal pass, would this work on a AP rate?

Any other advice on getting the best rate?

Hi desertgirl,

I will try and answer as best I can.
What is the Entertainment card?

The entertainment card is a book that you purchase to receive discounts. Here is the address: <A HREF="http://www.entertainment.com" TARGET="_blank">www.entertainment.com</A>

We plan on purchasing a Seasonal pass, would this work on a AP rate? Yes this works for an AP rate.

Any other advice on getting the best rate?
I went this year your same dates and the hotel offered the pay 3 days get 4th day free. It may be offered again but you would have to wait to book it. The entertainment rate if available is a great bargain.

Is this (The Entertainment Club book) what they are offering with the Disney Magic Club card for $29.99?

Is it city specific? Would one get one for Florida? Or Orlando?

yes they are city specific. You can order one for your area and still use the card for discounts in any areas offered. I did this and am able to use the discount coupons in my area for restaurants movies and such. I cant help you with the disney card question.
I don't mind answering at all. First let me say that we were very happy when we stayed there but I had some specific problems because my then 4 year old is a diabetic. We stayed there last Feb. and it was still a pretty new hotel so they were working out their kinks. Anyway I had explained that my daughter was a diabetic and that I would need a fridge for her insulin and food. She has a lot of food allergies as well so I shop and stock up on Protein (deli meats, cheese etc. she is on a strict diet.) We had come from the Beach club at WDW and had no problems. We checked into the Portofino and were told that they would clean out the mini bar for us. My husband went shopping and we put the stuff in. We then went to the parks to come back to find our food spoiled. The mini bar is not really a fridge but a cooling unit. Suffice it to say that my daughter needed to eat before bed. We called their star service and they said they would send some cheese immediately and a repair man. This was at 8:30. At 9:15 and my daughter falling asleep a tray of Brie was sent. I don't know to many 4 year olds that eat Brie. To make a long story short we had repairmen in our room till about midnight, my daughter asleep while I tried to hand feed her cheese off a pizza my husband obtained. They realized that the minibar would not keep food cold and they had no "traditional" refrigerators for us. It was a very tiring night as well as very worryful for me hoping that my daughter did not go "low" while sleeping. It was tough making sure we had appropriate food for her all the time since she is a diabetic and has so many food allergies. But like I said we are going back and they have since bought refrigerators. They tried to be accomodating and I am an unusual case however it was very trying for us due to our circumstances. On the flip side we had wonderful experiences at their restaurants. the waiters got to know us and knew what Katherine could eat or not eat. They always had sugar free syrup for us and would present her breakfast or dinner in an imaginative way so that she would feel special. It is very hard for her because I feel that she feels very different. She also has brothers that can eat anything and everything so it was nice they made the effort. Also Emerils is very allergy concious. We all ready made reservations for there on Valentines Day while we are there. Only lunch though because I have the 3 kids. But they were also very good with Katherine. WDW has a whole network setup for their restaurants and allergies. The Portofino was the first time I had ventured from Disney for vacation and like I said we are going back for our whole stay this time. Other than that there were a few minor glitches because they were new but nothing horrible. Any questions just ask.
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From Nov 5-8/00 we paid $179+ 11%tax for a bay view room. Last April I booked a deluxe room for $159 +tax and was got a complimentary upgraded to a pool view room. Both were AP rates.
We got a rate of $160 plus tax using the Entertainment Book discount. We did not need an Orlando specific Entertainment Book; you just use the card that comes with it for a discount at Loew's hotels anywhere. We had a Deluxe Garden View with king-size bed. There were no complimentary upgrades available because they claimed the hotel was completely booked. We did get our complimentary Loew's First Club fruit "basket" with no problem. I will say that our Garden View was really not much of a view (east guest wing, 4th floor) but we didn't really spend much time looking out the windows anyway. I would think that a Bay View would really be nice. The all day FOTL access was nice at the parks. The parks/City Walk shuttle boat was also nice. I would mention that the Hard Rock Hotel due to open soon is nothing like what I would have expected a Hard Rock Hotel to look like. It is sort of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern; very nice. I believe it is less expensive than the PBH and it is within easy walking distance of City Walk and the parks.


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Just checked on Entertainment rates for Portofino Bay/Hard Rock hotel for the beginning of May. Portofino was $160/nt., Hard Rock was $117.50 per night. Great Deal!

I just stayed at the portofino and would love to get back for a stay at Hard Rock! That $117.50 rate sounds very hard to resist! Thanks for the info! :D

I just got $149.50 entertainment rate at Hard Rock for a deluxe king room for next November. It's not 50% off as advertised on the entertainment website. The woman at Universal who I spoke to said that it is "up to" 50% off.

Still not a bad rate!


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