Wonder 8 12, not what i'd expected.#1

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    Jul 24, 2001
    Part 1 After reading up on the boards, I thought I knew it all about the Wonder, the raves, the great reviews, etc. Well they were almost right. This was my fourth cruise, my first on Disney. The others were 4 day also. First of all, we arrived at the cruise terminal at 9:15 Sunday morning. After reading all the stuff about long lines, crowds, etc., I was a bit worried. Well, my family were the only ones inside the terminal (which is quite lovely) till about 10:30. People arrived mostly between 11:00 and beyond. My daughter got to do the countdown to board the ship at about 12:15 with Tom, a Disney staffer entertaining and answering questions from guests. Do NOT arrive early if you are with little kids. We saw in Shutters(the photo gallery) a LOT of pictures with Guests and Mickey, etc in the terminal, taken later than 12-12:30p.m. Also they will not let you into your stateroom till they want you there!! 1:15 or so. The elevators are blocked, even if you do get up to the deck that you are on, you can't get into the hallway to get to your room. Don't even try. I scrambled to get in line (after eating a delicious lunch at Parrot Cay) to make reservations at Palo's . Again no hurry, no trouble, I was the only one there. Our dinner at Palos was very nice, we did eat late. Try to book an early one (at Sunset, the views from the ship are spectacular. read part 2

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