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    We will be spending the last part of our trip with a 2 night stay at WL. Fri-Sun. I really want to take the time to relax and enjoy the resort. We will be able to check in early on Fri coming from the BWV. I was wondering what things there are to do at the resort, besides swimming! It will be myself, DH, DD almost 7yo and DS 19mo. Are there any activities for the kiddies/families to do together. It will be our first time here and I don't even know what restaurant or where to eat there! We have a courtyard view booked. Where are they located? Any tips or ideas on what to do there would be greatly appreciated!

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    There are many activities your family will enjoy while staying at the Lodge if you will click on the link below it will take you to my post over on the WL FAQ Thread (page 1 second post) I have the information listed, toward the bottom of my post I have information about Ft. Wilderness Campground activities which are just a quick boat ride away.

    The NEW WL FAQ (Part 5) Simbas and Tiggers and Humphreys OH MY!
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    There are duck races daily by the pool. You can watch the geyser every hour by the pool. You can rent mouseboats, platoon boats surrey bikes, walk or take a boat ride to FW where there is a petting zoo. You can sit in the lobby by the fire and rock in the rocking chairs or you can sit by the stream in the lobby. There is Roaring Forks a snack bar type of place and Whispering Canyon which is a lot of fun to eat at, pony races for the kids and be sure to ask for ketchup!! There is an arcade, a gift shop and cow bells to ring (keeps my kids busy for 30 minutes!) and if you want adult time there is the lions club (I think, can't remember the name!) You'll find lots to do Have fun!

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