Windsor Hills...When to Book??


Earning My Ears
Oct 3, 2014
I've got plenty of time before my next family vacation to WDW, but I am a planner and already have my spreadsheet started!!!:rotfl:

Last time we went down I booked my TH at Windsor Hills in what must have not been optimal timing and then that got cancelled last minute and then I got one off ABNB that was amazing, but I know we paid way too much. I'm looking for advice as to when I should start inquiries for booking a 4-5 BR Villa in Windsor Hills for our Oct 2021 vacation.

Looking to get a great house so want to not be looking when the best of the inventory is already gone. Also, if you have stayed in any homes in the last year or so that you really recommend, feel free to recommend here, or DM me!:thumbsup2


Jul 30, 2013
It's not too early to shop now. The better homes book early and as frequent return guests, we book well in advance (2 years) to guarantee our stay. Our last few visits we have booked a 4 bedroom that everyone really loves. I can tell you that particular house does book well in advance. Good luck!


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