Will We Need A Car?

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Feb 3, 2000
We are planning on staying onsite at HRH for 7 days. We have a 4 park flex and may also do Discovery Cove. Will we need a car or can we use the flex bus for everything but DC? Would it just be best to use the bus and then Tiffany's for DC?
I feel you should rent a car. Cars can usually be purchased for around $130.00 for a compact. That price includes the outrageous Florida state tax. This would probably be the cost for a compact car. It is sooo much more convenient to have a car. However, parking can add to the cost of having a car. If you want to go to Disney or other places then a car is a good idea.
We would need a mini-van since there are 7 of us. Since we are staying at HRH, I think there's no parking fee. Is this correct? How much are the fees for parking at Seaworld, Discovery Cove and Wet and Wild? Any ideas on an average price of a mini-van?
We're going in 2 weeks for a 6 day stay at HRH, not renting a car. Had one originally, but cancelled after speaking w/friends who rented and used it one day. It sat in the parking lot their entire stay! We're using Tiffany for pick-up and drop-off at airport. I plan on taking a taxi to Sea World. Patti

If you will just visit the parks on the Flexticket, then I wouldn't think you need a rental car. Universal has a shuttle bus to Sea World and Wet N wild. If you are going to Busch Gardens, you can use the Gwazi Express. It leaves from Sea World at around 9 am and leaves Busch Gardens at around 5 pm. If you want to visit other places offsite, you might want to consider a rental car.


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Thanks everyone! Think we'll not rent a car then. My husband doesn't really want to.


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