Will our old threads be moved here?


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Nov 22, 2000
I was happily posting this morning on the old board, and then suddenly noticed the alert at the top! Will our old threads be transfered or is this all new? Will we be able to do our image signatures here too? Sorry for all the questions. I love the new smilies! and thank you for not putting the "moon" one in:) .
Good morning Diane - how did your Twins do? We were slammed. I like these boards, but will have to turn off the e-mail notifier... this could get ugly!

I've lost my OMAR / TRIBE signature.... I have to go find Dan who is probably hiding at this very minute.

Notice the spell check??
As you can see, Diane, the signatures do work! We are still not sure as to what will happen with the old threads, but will let everybody know as soon as we have more information!
We had a number of good, lively threads going, I hope we don't lose them.
Pete is trying to move over all posts since March 1. That is the stated goal, but the tech folks are really busy right now (as you can imagine) so , please be patient. Stay Tuned!! :rolleyes:
Thanks Doc,
Really like the look of things here. Hopefully we wont keep losing things like we did before. It was never as big a problem here as on the CB. Now if we could just find something that would keep me from making typos and misspellings!:p


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