Why buy into one resort and then some points at another?

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by JEANMR1, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. JEANMR1

    JEANMR1 Mouseketeer

    Jun 21, 2002
    I'm trying to figure out why you would buy points (say 150) at SSR and then another 40 at BLT. You can only book as many points as you have in your home resort 11 months out, right?
    Clearly, it would be nice to buy in the used market and then a few at BLT to get the 11 months out - but you can't can you? So what is the benefit? I'm sure I'm something.

    Also, where can I find info on the points for non DVC vacations? For example, how many points for cruises?

  2. rsimon

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Options.. Simple really. I am not sure why someone would buy say only 25 points in a resort except for the fact you can bank and borrow to get up to 75 points to use at a time every 3 years. Sometimes, that's enough to just give you some options to stay a few nights at a different resort.

    For us, we have 350 at AKV and 100 at BLT. So we have enough to stay at BLT every year or we can bank/borrow for a longer stay. Of course, the 7 month window always is possible.

    The other thing to consider is the BLT points have a lower maintenance fee than say the AKV points.. So adding more points at BLT will cost less in the long run than more at AKV.
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  4. alice99

    alice99 DIS Veteran

    Nov 15, 2008
    Some people want the 11 month booking advantage in a second resort also.

    We are considering 50 points at Boardwalk because I love the location and would like to have the 11 month advantage. Spring flower festival and Food and Wine in the Fall are my faves.
  5. MikeyNS

    MikeyNS DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2004
    We added on a 25pt BW contract so that every 3 years we could have booked a 1BR standard view during the low season, or a standard studio during F&W, etc etc, and give our main contract a rest.. essentially giving us more points to play with in our main contract with borrowing and banking and such. With the point re-jiggering that is no longer possible so we sold off that contract. :(
  6. Sue's Mum

    Sue's Mum DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    Our main contract is at BWV but, when we wanted to add on, the resort was sold out and so we have two small add-ons at VWL. At that time we knew nothing about resales.
  7. puntagordabob

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Well we bought 160 at BLT... 1st I Love MK and EPCOT Center the most so it makes sense for us personally.... BUT that being said, we plan on renting at OKW alot since from what we have experienced studios are usually available at the 7 month mark to take advantage of the lower point cost for most of the year. We will of course spend special times at BLT (either dedicated stay or split stay or even 1 night stays)... but since we live 2 hours and 20 minutes away from WDW sometimes the quantity of days (with points) at OKW will win out. The added fact that the annual maint fees will always tend to be lower than the other older resorts does also make for a good additional reason.

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