Why Always Facebook?

Tom P.

May 11, 2015
Whenever they are soliciting opinions on something for the show, such as today's show on what Disney is doing well, they always go to Facebook. Why?

Pete owns Disboards and references it as a sponsor on every show. Yet they hardly ever direct people here for comments. Some of us do not, and will not, have Facebook accounts.
  • disneysteve

    DIS meet junkie
    Sep 29, 2002
    I thought that was odd as well. Facebook groups seem so disorganized, I never see them in my news feed until sometimes days later.
    Facebook has become quite a mess for just this reason. They refuse to show posts in chronological order. My wife will mention seeing something from one of our friends and I will have no clue what she's talking about because that post didn't show up for me. I have to go to their profile to find it. Either that or it will show up for me but days later. You can click on "Most Recent" but that still shows what the algorithm decides and not necessarily in time order.

    As for why they use Facebook, probably because it's the single largest user base. Far more viewers and listeners are actively on Facebook than on the boards. So that allows them to reach the maximum number of fans in one place.
  • pdarrah

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    Jun 3, 2004
    Disneysteve - Couldn't agree more. The total seemingly random nature of what Facebook decides you should see is very frustrating. Regularly have the scenario you describe where you and your spouse see different things even though you follow the same person. Even more annoying is they take away things after you have seen them. Example - I see a post during the day that I want to show DH, once we get home from work I try to bring it up - oh but look, it isn't in my feed anymore! If it happens to be a post from someone he also follows, he might see it sometime in the next few days ... or maybe not.

    It also drives me crazy that when Facebook decides someone should see that post from days ago (or even longer) and then they comment on it, suddenly it pops up at the top of my feed again. I'm like, "haven't I already seen this" as it isn't at all clear that it is back because someone commented. The comments don't even always appear in chronological order!

    Lastly, how on earth are you supposed to go back and find an older post you want to see again? I'll remember that a few months ago, someone posted something that I want to see again. Short of remembering who exactly posted it and then scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through their posts, I haven't found any way to do it. The "Search" seems to search ALL of Facebook with no obvious way to limit it to a particular group/person/just stuff I've seen/whatever.

    So that is the TLDR of my hatred for Facebook. Long Live Message Boards! Chronological, Searchable, Threaded and just make sense!


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    Jul 11, 2010
    Completely agree with the OP and pretty much everyone else. I know they started promoting the boards as a sponsor of the show, however, I always thought they should be integrating the boards into the show more. They tried a few years back with Jackie's segment, but it wasn't working out. Still, I believe there's great content for the show that can be derived from the boards - particularly from the "Rumors & News" forum alone. And for these last couple of shows where Pete was looking for feedback on what WDW needs to fix and what they are doing well, what would it have taken to start a thread in this forum, in addition to soliciting opinions on FB?
  • Helvetica

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    Apr 24, 2018
    I don't Facebook and I understand that Facebook can be a good advertising venue to reach out to those that use it. However, it would be nice if they used their own platform.

    Not exclusively, but at least for those that don't use platforms like Facebook.


    DIS meet junkie
    Sep 29, 2002
    The boards have somewhere around 1 million users.
    Facebook has over 1 billion users.

    If you're looking for feedback (and exposure), there's simply no comparison.

    If you follow the DIS facebook threads, a great many people who post there have absolutely no idea that the boards and the podcast and the travel agency even exist.


    Feb 3, 2014
    agreed with most here. facebook's played out. might as well do all of this on their own forum.


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    Jan 12, 2008
    As they said on the Connecting with Walt podcast for the Q&A they need to have everything in one spot and at the end of the day Facebook still is the platform for taking input like this with the largest reach

    And as they said on CwW if you don't have Facebook you probably know someone who does and can ask them for help


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    May 16, 2006
    I used to feel like I was missing out sometimes because I hadn't gotten Facebook a long time ago (and figured it was kind of late to start after all that time). But now I'm rather glad I never did. - The weird "who should see what" stuff would drive me nuts!


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