Who can recommend a good fanny pack?


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Apr 29, 2001
Hi everyone. I posted this on the old forums, but since I don't see it anymore, I guess it didn't move over with the changes. Question is: Who can recommend a nice fanny pack (waist pack, hip pack, etc)? I'm trying to find one roomy enough to hold a Passporter guidebook (the regular kind, not the new deluxe leather one), a camera, 8 oz. water bottle, and a few other miscellaneous small items like film, small tube of sunscreen, lip balm, money, passes, etc. However, I don't want it so big that I have problems fitting into the rides, since I am somewhat overweight. Can anyone recommend one to me? If possible, tell me the brand name and the style name, as well as where you bought it at. I've already looked at WalMart with no luck, except I found a nice smaller fanny pack for DS. Thanks in advance. :)
The passporter web site sells just what your looking for! I brought 2, they hold the passporter and a few other small things easily. The waist size goes up to 50 inches which are sometimes hard to find. Cost about $16.00 after book owner discount.
I had the same question and saw someone recommend the Healthy Backpack (can't remember the right name) from LL Bean. It was $35 when I got it. What is good about it is you can either carry it like a shoulder bag or put your head through the loop and carry it like a sling pack. This one is half meshed and some pockets. I have since seen ones that are not meshed at all. But I was thinking the other day when I saw the fan packs at Target (that looked good also) that I wanted as you said something to be manageable when on rides. So decide to stick with the backpack and not also get the fanny pack. HAVE A GREAT TRIP fellow PAer:)
I found a great fanny pack at Target for $14.99. It's a Stansport Thirsty One Deluxe Carrier. It has a water bottle in the middle and a pocket on each side of the bottle. The part that wraps around the bottle is insulated too! It feels great when it's on - not too bulky or anything. If you want one with a water bottle, this is a nice one. :D


I looked at the ones on the Passporter site and they do look nice. Can you tell me what brand name they are? I enlarged the picture, but still could see the writing.


Hi Sherry 7,

The brand is Jansport. Target and Walmart carry that brand, but I haven't found one that size at either store.

I personally love the one I got this past trip from SeaWorld. However, if you want one before you get there, my dad has a backpack that he got at L. L. Bean. It's called a Ridge Runner Lumbar Max Pack, however they also have a Ridge Runner Lumbar Pack which is smaller and a fanny pack. They both come with water bottles, but if you've got a Brita H2O bottle, it fits too! I just tested it! The backpack is very comfortable and not too big. I would definitely say that it made lugging H2O around NYC a lot easier, so I would think the same could be said about WDW. It's also big enough that if you have a video camera, it should fit. If you have any other questions about it, let me know. Or you can go to www.llbean.com and check them out. They are under sporting gear and appearal and then technical backpacks. Hope this helps. :p
I can also recommend the waist pack with water bottle holder from llbean. It worked great!


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