Which vacation would you push on your DH?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Dodie, Jan 3, 2002.


What vacation would YOU push on my DH? Please read my message below before voting!

  1. Springtime 7-day DCL cruise

  2. Springtime 3-day land (POR)/4-day cruise (same price as 7-day cruise)

  3. Un-Disney short vacation with October stay at the Wilderness Lodge

  4. Springtime 6-night stay at the Wilderness Lodge with no autumn vacation.

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  1. Dodie

    Dodie <font color=green>Survived the big crash<br><font

    Nov 10, 1999
    Check the signature. We've been to WDW multiple times in the past 8 years. DH has put his foot down. We're doing something different this year. However, I think he could be swayed IF we stayed at Wilderness Lodge (his dream).

    He has mentioned taking a "small" vacation this spring and going to WDW in October for our anniversary. He has also mentioned a cruise and, thanks to your responses, I think I can convince him of the Disney Cruiseline instead of Carnival or something like that.

    What should I DO????
  2. Michelle

    Michelle <font color=darkgreen><i>"It's like Lord of the Fl

    Apr 21, 2000
    Dodie, have you considered CRUISING in October for your anniversary? The rates will probably be lower then. I'd vote for a 7-night cruise in the Fall with a short spring vacation too. If you can't do that then I'd vote for the 7-night cruise in the spring.

    You'll love it -- good luck convincing him! :)
  3. Diz-Me

    Diz-Me Mouseketeer

    Jan 8, 2001

    DH and I have found the land/sea to be the perfect vacation for our family! We had taken two 7 day cruises (NCL and HAL) previously and found that we got a bit 'antsy' during the at sea days.

    And DH is not nearly as thrilled as myself to spend 7 days at WDW rushing around, standing in lines etc. So we decided to try the 3 day land - 4 day sea Disney vacation. And we all (DH, DD-15, DS-13 and myself) absolutely loved it. In fact we are taking another land/sea this April (4 days at WDW and 4 day DCL cruise).

    DH says he enjoys WDW much more knowing a cruise is following!:D
  4. SingingMom

    SingingMom DIS Veteran

    Jul 4, 2001
    Now, Dodie, what answer DID you think you'd get from THIS BOARD?! :D

    I have to agree with WebmasterMichelle- October 7 day cruise! The 3 or 4 day just don't due the whole "Cruise experience" justice, IMHO! Now, I know those out there who would disagree (right, Barb?! :p ) But, I know I would have been disappointed if I had to get off the ship after only 3 or 4 days!

    In Barb & Tony's case, they have multiple future trips planned at any given time, so I guess that would make up for only 3 or 4 days at one time! :)

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