Which Cozumel Beach with a 4 year old

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by ArthurAmish, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. ArthurAmish

    ArthurAmish Mouseketeer

    Feb 7, 2003
    Can anyone advise on which Cozumel beach would be best for my wife and I with our 4 year old daughter?

    We have Captain Marvin's already scheduled for Grand Cayman. My daughter is pretty comfortable in the water, but really not able to swim alone.

    I have read various posts about Chankanaab, Mr. Sancho's, and Paradise Beach.

    Does anyone have any recommendations, or recommendations for other activities in Cozumel with a child that age?:cool: :cool: :cool:
  2. kmc33

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    Dec 19, 2002
    We have been to Chankanaab and Mr. Sanchos. They are a little different in what they offer, but we enjoyed both. Mr. Sanchos is a nice place for a beach day -- like playing in the sand and water. Chankanaab, is good if you are looking for some varied activities besides the beach. There is an area for snorkeling, botanical gardens, dolphin area and there is a calm lagoon area with sand and water for swimming.

    That said, I just recently learned about Paradise Beach. Apparently it just opened in Novemeber. It is my understanding that it is similar to Mr. Sanchos, but even better. The beach is a little wider and since it is new, the chairs, the floats, the bathrooms are all new.

    p.s. you mention that you DD is comfortable in the water. For small kids that are perhaps NOT as comfortable in the water, then Chankanaab might have an advantage. But your DD sounds like she would be fine at Mr. Sanchos or Paradise Beach. We were at Mr. Sanchos when my DS was 3-1/2 and he loved it there.

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