Where to stay at CBR ??


Earning My Ears
Feb 15, 2002
Planning a family trip for early May 2002 (wife, two children ages 10 and 6)and planning to stay at CBR. My question is where to stay? It seems so huge that there must be more preferrable places than others. Thank you for your help.
When booking, and checking in, you can request a preference, but it will not always be honored. For example, CBR does rotating refurbishings of buildings, so a place you may want to stay may not be bookable. Otherwise, it seems like you are randomly assigned at check-in.

Now for my story: we did an 8-day land/sea package in Sept '00 (8 days because we tagged an extra on at the start of the trip) and chose CBR.

Beforehand, I looked up a CBR resort map, and chose a particular village (I can't recall which), but it was one that was convenient to Port Royale (the food/shopping court) and a small playground. It was important to me since we have small kids, still needed evening milk, wanted to minimize walking and wanted the playground.

On check-in, we were assigned to the same village where all cruise passengers were assigned. I asked to be changed, and they refused since all cruise passengers were in that village (which also happened to be a long walk from Port Royale).

Afterwards, I realized why they wanted all cruise passengers in the same place: luggage. When it's time to pick up luggage, they don't want to drive all over CBR picking up everything. They want it in one spot. Aruba, is it?

So, by all means, do your homework, and ask for your preferance. Maybe you'll get lucky.

hello and welcome to the DIS message boards! I just returned from my second trip to CBR and I love this resort. I have created a small web page with some pictures and information. The link is below, if you'd like to take a look.

The most convenient buildings at CBR are:
Martinique 26, 25, and 24
Trinidad North (Not South!) 31, 32, and 33.

I prefer Martinique 25. Its a short distance to everything; the food court, main pool, bus stop, and quiet pool, and it has no parking lot views. But I think you'd be happy at any of the above buildings. Also, Jamaica 45 is right across the bridge from the pool and food court, althought it's a bit more of a walk than Martinique or Trinidad North. Good luck! :)
I've stayed in Trinidad North 32 two times. I really enjoy the building, it has great access to everyplace important (food, beach, quiet pool, main pool, bus stop).

We stayed in Aruba and it was a walk to the main pook and food court but it is so beautiful and entertaining, we loved it. It was very quiet too.
We have stayed in Aruba and Trinidad North. Our favorite is Trinindad North. We were there at Christmas and had a great time. There were 3 families and we all had our room requests honored.
I stayed in Jamaica, right next door to Aruba. I'd recommend both. They are directly across the lake from OPR, connected via a footbridge that is the most wonderfully pretty walk via Parrot Cay, especially first thing in the morning. It's quiet, but about a 5 minute walk, so not on the door step, but pretty close all the same.

Also, ask for a Courtyard view. Much prettier than the Car Lot!

Penny :)

Do you know if Jamaica #45 has parking lot views? I'm thinking of requesting it but i booked a standard view. Any other buildings have no parking lot views? Thanks
It seems to me though that the parking lot is far enough back that it won't matter, plus, we had a waterview in Jamaica last summer and hardley looked out the window at all...really think about how often you will really be looking at that "view".....in the am you will be most likely getting up early to get dressed and hit the parks....and then when you come back in the evening it will be getting dark.....this year I am not requesting a view, just a king bed, because that is more important to me, I really think CBR looks so good anyway, that the view doesn't matter....conveniences like being close to OPR etc would be important though. Those are the main things I noticed.



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