Where should I go using II points?


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Aug 18, 1999
Hi, I have emailed member services to see where is available in September using DVC points which I exchanged for Interval International ones.

Which places near the beach would be good to swap to? The only place I have visited in America is Orlando. San Diego sounds appealing - how is it there?

Also, I had trouble getting in anywhere in July and August. What are my chances of getting a decent exchange in September? Has anyone been successful at getting a Marriott or Four Seasons exchange this far out? Thanks.
San Diego is wonderful! My husband and two kids were just there and all of us loved it. So much to see and do! Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo are both nest. I think the Zoo may take two days to really see it all..... We spent most of our day there riding the gondola :-)
We didnt kit any beaches there.... but I hear if you drive up the coast a bit.... there are good ones.
SOrry I have no info on your other questions.... just thought you might like to know we were impressed with our first visit to SD. We will be going back! :-)

San Diego is a wonderful city. We were there the first week
in Dec. I think you will enjoy it. The City has alot to do with Old Town, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Wild Animal Park and Sea World.
Disneyland is only about 90 miles away if you felt like driving up the coast. We took the train and had a blast. Check out www.sandiego.org for more info. If you go before the end of the
year I have two free tickets to the San Diego Zoo that expire
on Dec 2002.

We were in San Diego in march of last year. It is a wonderful city with lots to do. I do not know much about the exchanges. We went to the zoo and the wild animal park we liked the wild animal park better, it was awsome. We also went to legoland which is north of san diego it was ok for little kids in the age range of 4-10(10 might be pushing it a little). We went to the beach one afternoon and it was nice and clean, it was kind of cold but my 5 year old enjoyed collecting shells. We would of liked to go to the tide pools and Sea World, but we will save that for the next trip. We were only there 4 days but could've stayed there two weeks. I would definately go back and spend more time there and then head up to DL. Driving there is very easy we rented a car from Alamo which we would NEVER do again! We are from a small town in Wisconsin and were a little afraid to drive in California, but it was a breeze. I could go on forever:D , but I won't. Good luck with your planning.

I had a search for Four Seasons Aviara near San Diego for an exchange for many months and nothing came up - we ended up doing a private exchange. We had searches in for most of the Southern California coastal II properties. San Luis Bay became available but we ended up turning it down. Sometimes the San Diego area does get cool and there's even been some snow just south of San Francisco this week - very unusual, though. I've heard it's sometimes foggy in the spring.

If you want a beach, you're usually safe to stay in Florida; Hilton Head is nice, too. September is hurricane season on the east coast but California should be great - that's when we're going.

Good luck!
Sept is a good time to travel if you can. It is usually a lower time for almost anywhere one wants go to. Here are some thoughts based in large part from units found on II's web site and potentially available for Sept.

Several HH Marriott's available though only a couple I see that's on the DVC list, Barony and Harbour Club.
VCI in Cancun (Club Intl) - I stayed here.
A number of varying size units in Puerto Vallarta including Rancho Banderas and Paradise Village - I own here
Aruba - Marriott and La Cabana
Williamsburg but only efficiencies
All types of FL non Orlando destinations including 2 BR units and Marriott's
Myrtle Beach
Texas Coast
CA desert
CO ski areas

And the list goes on. I didn’t look at the farther destination like Europe, Fiji, etc. What is your circumstance. Are the points already deposited with II? You should have no problem betting something good in Sept. You may want ot wait until 2 months out and then try to trade a HH studio (55 points) regardless of the size you want. Or if you haven't commited the points to II, I'm sure we could work a trade say a 1 BR points for a 2 BR exchange or something along that line depending on when the points expire. Email me if you like.

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