Where is Enterprise?


Apr 2, 2002
This will be our first time using Enterprise RAC. My dh got a deal thru work.
Does anyone know if they are located inside Orlando airport or outside. Thanks-
Deb :D
They are located outside of the airport. They have a shuttle service to the offsite location (picks up every 10 minutes or so.)
Just be warned, they're very pleasant, but they try to sell you everything including the kitchen sink and it takes forever.

Be sure to bring a printout of your deal. The rate that we booked at wasn't in their system. We had documented it so it worked out, but otherwise, it would have been our word against theirs.

They take you outside to show you a few cars to choose from. When we went back in, the car that we picked wasn't available so that became another delay. We ended up with a 3 year old Mitsubishi Galant and it was S-L-O-W.

They'll try to talk you into an upgrade and they'll tell you that gas is much more expensive than what they're charging. That is absolutely not true. Do not take the gas deal. Of course, they'll also try to have you buy insurance.

Take a close look at the car before you leave. I noticed that there was damage under one corner and made sure that they noted it. There were also cigarette burns in the upholstery.

Personally, after this experience, we decided never to book with them again. Like I said, they were very nice and I know that it's their job to persuade you to add-on, but between getting there and finally leaving, it took an hour of our time.

thanks for the heads up! I never thought to check out the car prior to leaving for damage. I have heard lots of negative feedback about them and I would never normally go thru them; however we are also getting a GREAT deal thru my dhs work so I can't complain.
Deb :D


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