Where Do You Pool Hop?

Where Do You Pool Hop?

  • To another DVC (VWL, BWV or OKW)

  • To SAB

  • To Poly/GF/Contemporary

  • To CSR or CBR

  • To PO

  • To All-Star

  • Primarily SAB but others as well

  • To a variety of different resorts - none in particular

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Aug 18, 1999
:) Okay, let's try to find out where we go when we "hop"!

If you haven't actually pool hopped but have a desire to do so, indicate where you think you'd be most likely to go.
I haven't pool hopped, but I opted for your last option....variety of places.

Part of the appeal of DVC is not locking into one resort for 40 years. If you're going to go every year, might as well mix things up a little as far as where to stay. And amazingly, there are two more options (BCV and DIV) than when I joined six months ago!

Same philosophy with the pools. Part of upcoming vacations will include exploring areas of WDW we've never seen. That includes resorts, pools, attractions, whatever. We want to see it all (not on one trip!!).

This keeps every trip fresh and special in its own way.

Spice of life, and all that.
I've pool hopped a couple of times. Mostly when we've been at OKW, but also from BWV too. I've hopped the most to SAB. You can't beat the zero depth sand bottomed pool for a toddler. Plus, it's the only resort I know that has a small "kiddie slide" that my 2 year old can actually go on. I've also hopped to BWV because their slide is the best (!) and over to the Poly because the pool is new and also zero depth. The view of the lagoon was fantastic from the zero depth side of things right near the beach.
Pam, just wondering, Do you, will you in the future, or have you ever pool hopped?
Aah....that's my little secret!

Actually, no I've never pool hopped. I've thought about it but I usually don't want to take the time to do it. I always think I might...particularly if I were staying at BWV I would go over to Mecca....I mean SAB. I also might think about hopping to the GF or Poly.

I would like for us to keep this perk but will not suffer unduly if it's taken away.

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