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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by paper1225, Jan 19, 2007.

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    Jan 20, 2006
    DH and I always said no way........then the book came, and he told me not too even look at it-but I did:) I am not sold, but it definately peaked my interest. The pricing in the book states about $15000 for 150 pts at SSR($101/pt), but here I keep coming across listings saying we could buy it for less than $13000? DH is not sold at all-but a cheaper price could help. He has told me to prove it to him. I would be in heaven if I could go 2 x's/year-or even just one long trip every year. We have 3 children, so it is never cheap to go for us. Example: We just went in December and spent $3200 for room and tickets. I am going to total our last few trips and see if I can sell him with that-but a price reduction would certainly help! I have checked out resale boards - and it has SSR listed for cheaper that $101.....

    Another question-if we buy from SSR, I know we can stay elsewhere-right? Is there any downfall to not staying at our buy in resort?

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    I just sent you a PM with some great info to show your husband. Right now (until tomorrow!) you can get points at SSR for $86.00 a point with a member referral.
    Yes, you can stay at any DVC resort once you buy in but there there are booking restictions such as you can book at your home resort 11 months in advance and other resorts at 7 months. Look over the info I sent you and pm me if you have any questions.
    Good luck!
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    Oct 26, 2003
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    I'll send a PM with information that will help.
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    You could easily buy in for under $13k if you are flexible on which resort you want. Most OKW resale contracts can still be had for around $78/pt, then you'd be looking at approx. $500 in closing costs and then whatever maintenace fee reimbursements are involved (usually only the current use year...any banked points are normally included as the fees have already been paid).

    Your main goal should be to look at the point charts and determine just how many your family would need on a regular basis and go from there. Also, keep in mind that once you get your foot in the door, you can always add-on thru Disney in the future and would be eligible for any incentive offers as if you'd bought from them directly to start with.
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    When you are doing your financial analysis make sure you compare apples to apples. For the most part DVC deals with accomodations so make sure that you compare DVC accomodations to what ever accomodations you normally stay at when you visit WDW.

    I said the DVC deals mostly with accomodations howwever, some DVC members use the cooking facilities in the DVC accomodations to help lower their food costs. If you thing this might be something you will consider be honest with yourself about how much cooking you are likely to do.

    I'm sure you have already gotten lots of advice on how to run the numbers (e.g., what to include vs what not to include). Carefully consider what everyone is telling/showing you and then apply this to your own situation.

    Good luck

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