Where are the tips!!

You'll have to check the messages archived on the old board until this new one fills up with new tips. :D
There were some coupon links I want to find and not sure how to locate them.

My best budget tips are to skip WDW and go to Universal/IOA this year. Get an entertainment book and
book the HRH and get FOTL privileges.Unlike WDW the place is right on the premises, no crummy bus rides, the FOTL is the only way to go. You get the 3rd day free if you buy two day passes on Discover.You can't get anything like this at Disney World. The only serious bargain I saw was the Florida residents park hopper.
Michael Eisner has got to go.....

We went to Universal during Spring Break and stayed at Portofino(The only 5 star in Orlando) and it was great. BUT........Disney is so different than Universal. I say make 2 trips and go to Universal one trip and Disney the other. If you try to do both in the same trip- you will be dog tired. I am a little bit Southern!
Anyway- the perks at Universal are better than WDW- I guess they have to be to get people to not go to WDW. My vote is to go to both!!!


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