Where are Guest of Honor Badges available to purchase?

It seems the Guest of Honor Badges with just your name printed are avail. in most of the parks (MGM, MK, EPCOT for sure), Downtown Disney.

They have changed a little in the past few years it seems that the ones during the birthday celebration a few years ago also listed you city, state. these are no longer avail. :D

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Can someone tell me where in Downtown Disney you can purchase them? I would love to sneak over our first night and get them for this kids
Can you tell me how much they cost??

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Try this website www.giftsofalifetime.com They have the badges their for $7.50ea. I am ordring from this site&having it shipped to the hotel for when we arrive. Nice surprise for the kids. They have a few items like autograph books&markers etc. I assume this is more pricey, as you are paying a personal shopper (included in the price of the items)but I have heard good thing about this company&really thought it would be fun for the kids. A little Dis welcome gift in the room.
You can also buy them at Downtown Disney at the Toy Tower, which is across from the Pooh Store. They are $5.

They had them at the Celebrity 5&10 in MGM. This was a very cool store overall. Lots of personalized items, my kids got quite a few things here. They also had neat giant GOH badges, my oldest son got one for his room.


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