When to make reservations for June 2010.

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    We are planning a trip for June 2010. Only 11 more months, but whose counting? ;) Anyway you can not make reservations on line yet. Just getting my ducks in a row so when we make reservations we will know what to ask for. So a few questions:

    1. How far out can you make a reservation at the Fort?
    2. Can you request a camp site or a specific loop? If so, what is a good loop if we have children ages 10 and 7. We have a 25 ft trailer. Is it more important to be close to the Marina or the pool and camp fire area? ( I know it is a matter of personal choice but just thought I would see what others prefer.) I was looking at loop 100 as that is close to the beach and would make it easy late at night coming back from fireworks and night parades. But is that too far from pool and Sing along area?

    Thanks for any info.
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    Aug 12, 2008
    You can make reservations over the phone 499 days prior to your departure date (not arrival). Just call the regular reservations line (CRO).

    You can request a particular site or loop, just ask that it be noted on your reservation when you call. You can reiterate your request via fax a few (4-5) days before your arrival. More information about that can be had in the Fort FAQ (it's a sticky near the top of the thread listings). Common advice is to request what type of site you want rather than a specific site, since that site (or even that loop) may not be available. Requesting features helps the site assigner to find a good match when your specific request is not available.

    As for suggestions, that gets a bit tricky. It would help to hear more about your priorities. Are y'all park commandos, are you going to spend a lot of time at the Fort, a lot of time at the pool, will you rent a cart, what kind of camping setup are you using?


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