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Earning My Ears
Aug 1, 2001
Please help with our plans. This June will be our first visit to WDW, so I need a little help planning the trip back to the airport at the end of our stay. With all the new security and check-in procedures at the airport, when do you think we should plan on leaving our resort for MCO? We'll be at the CBR and using a towncar service, so I'm not sure what time to tell them for a pick-up. I'm not familar with Orlando so would 2 hours before our flight leaves be about right? 3 hours to play it safe maybe? Any advice would be appreciated.

You should be at the airport 2 hrs. before your plane leaves if you are taking a domestic flight. I believe the towncar services like to pick you up a little earlier to allow for some delays on the road. Trip to MCO from WDW is about 20 minutes. Your driver may want to pick you up between 2.75-3 hours before your flight.

I agree. We arranged for the limo to pick us up about 3 hours before departure, and we were happy we did; with no traffic it still took about 1/2 hour to get to the airport, and then we were lucky enough to be selected for a "random" check of our bags which meant some poor unfortunate security worker got the pleasure of digging through our dirty underwear for about 30 minutes. We had time to grab a quick sandwich and just made it to the gate in time to have our carryons searched.
Our driver picked us up three hours before our flight home in November. His choice not ours. It was a little early but with the way things are now, its probably not a bad idea. The worst part was we sat in front of the Disney store waiting and spent another $100.00!


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