When Do Christmas Decorations Go Up In The Parks?

Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by bama_ed, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I'm contemplating a trip to the Fort at this time next year (Thanksgiving week). I know some decorations go up during the week but I am particularly interested in the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT to know if their Christmas decorations are up yet or if not do they go up this week or what?

    How is the MK castle decorated now? If anyone there this week can provide a "real-time" report that would be great! I hoping to get a little of that Christmast spirit during a Thanksgiving trip next year.

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    MK is the first to be fully decorated - this year everything was completed in time for the first MVMCP on 11/20. Although I read that the big tree wasn't up for the first MVMCP. :confused3

    Everything else follows over the course of the month. This year the official "launch" date for things like Osborne, Candlelight Proc., is the day after Thanksgiving. This is actually late for Osborne, which was running earlier in Nov. last year.

    Reports from AK have been that the tree went up and the parade there switched to Jingle Jungle last week.

    Gingerbread House at GF opened last week too and other reports are that the several other resorts were really getting into full swing over the last week-ish.

    Everything should be 100% ready 11/28. We'll be there on Sunday and will try and report LIVE!
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    There are a lot more firsthand reports over on the Theme Parks board...

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