whats the deposit?

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    looking into booking a deluxe for 4th til 6th november, was going to wait til closer to the time, but seems places are booking up fast (jersey week).
    whats the deposit for booking disney rooms?
    whens it due?
    if i decide to change or cancel the reservation, will i lose the deposit?
  2. RFrank9504

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    Apr 16, 2008
    Its generally a $200 deposit due and they'll give you about 14 days to make it, either mail a check or CC payment. Then 45 days before your vacation your balance is due. You can make payments anytime between your book date and the 45 days before your trip date. IF you book room only, no tickets, no meal plan-they tell you on the minimum due (usually 1 night stay plus tax) and the balance is due at check in. Keep in mind that they will need your credit card on check in and put like a $500.00 hold on it for incidentals for room only ressies. If you cancel they reimburse you 100% as long as it 100 days prior to check in. IF you mail a check it can take up to 4 weeks to get it, and 14 days for CC. Good Luck!
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    Oct 2, 2007
    If you book a package it's $200 and due within 14 days of making your reservation, and your remaining balance is due at least 45 days before check-in.
    If you change or cancel a package ressie before the 45 day mark then you don't lose anything - from 6-44 days: $100 penalty - 5 days or less: you lose your whole deposit

    If you book room-only a one night deposit is required within 14 days of making your reservation. Your remaining balance is due at check-in. You can change or cancel you ressie without penalty up to 5 days before check-in.

    Another tip is that codes are usually released before the 45 day mark, so you wouldn't have to worry about being penalize if a code is released for your time frame.
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    Don't forget that if you wish you can also pay the one night deposit over the phone right away when you make the room only reservation and then pay the remaining balance at check-in.

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