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    I've been doing some research on DVC and reading numerous information sites and posts here about everything DVC. I feel like down the road say 2-3 years from now I would like to become a DVC member (want to save money so I can pay the full cost upfront and not have to worry about financing). I have already decided that I will buy resale and the most likely Home Resort we will pick will be Animal Kingdom Villas. With all that being said I plan on keeping an eye on resale offers that are going through so I can get a rough estimate of what I can expect to pay (I know prices will prob go up in 2-3 years, but kind of need a starting point, so this years prices will do).

    We usually go to Disney either during October or November and will continue to do so, its our favorite time to visit. If we want to go to Disney for a week every year staying at Animal Kingdom Villas in either a suite or 1 BR villa and then occasionally every so many years bring family down and stay in a 2 BR, how many points would you suggest buying in our first contract and what use year should we get if we plan on going October or November? Thank you in advance, I'm trying to get as much info as possible!
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    Prices will continue to come down. In the meantime continue to read these boards and learn as much as you can.

    There are point charts on the top of the page. October is the best UY for your travel dates.

    You can PM me with other questions.

    :earsboy: Bill
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    Resale prices will go down, not up. Their is an end-date for each resort so as that date approaches, the resale will not be worth as much. If/when Disney decides to reduce benefits for resale contracts again, the price will drop even more. Some resorts will drop farther/faster than others.
    How many points you need is really dependent on each family and how/when they vacation. Does your view matter and how much does it matter? Do you always book at 11 months? Will you always go in Choice season? If it were me... using 2012 points charts at AKV, 1BR ranges from 158 points/week to 269/wk during Choice Season (but those can and probably will change in 2-3 years)... depending on your view. So i'd say your starting point might be in the 200ish range... that would let you use the Value view in almost any season (in case your vacation habits change) or maybe upgrade to other views. If you decide to go during Adventure season, you might be be able to go to a 2BR.
    It's easy for us... we always book at 11-months (then reconsider at 7-months) and we always book the view with the lowest points... at our two resorts, we don't feel there are any "bad" views so we would rather save the points. There are many choices at AKV so your view might be a factor in deciding how many points you'll need.
    Just my two pennies.

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