What takes My Points so long?


Feb 8, 2001
I cashed out for a web cert and four days later my "transaction is still pending". Does anyone know why and how long I'll have to wait? I wanted to contact webcert for one of their credit cards to take on our upcoming trip.

Thanks in advance,

My most recent experience with redeeming a webcert through mypoints is that it takes about 10 days.

Hang on-it's on the way. Hope you get it before your trip.
Hi... Well I cashed out on Jan 20,2002 and MY points are still pending. I sure hope it doesn't take much longer. Has anyone actually recieved their certificates from My points?...It takes sooo long from the time you buy something from a merchant, to the time that they post the points to your account.... and now even LONGER to get the reward......I hope it comes... period.
I've cashed out for two certs recently and both came within two weeks. They came about a day after the order stopped saying pending. I'd say they are doing pretty well!

I had a weird experience with mypoints. I cashed out for a resturant GC. The points were pending for weeks, months even! Then they just went back into my account. no gc, no subtraction of the points, no explanation. Everything else has been very fast.

I hope you get the web cert soon!
I've cashed out for webcerts twice since Jan 18. Both times the points were "pending" for several days (maybe a week?) until they were completely removed, and the webcert came shortly after, less than a week. You should be OK!!!

I just cashed out for a RFC GC. Which restaurant GC did you not receive??


Help...I'm considering getting a RFC GC. My question is...is it specifically for RFC or is it a cert for any Landry's resteraunt? (Last year I got them through FreeRide and to my amazement they were for any Landry's establishment.) We're leaving in less than 4 weeks. If it doesn't arrive in time, I'm hoping they are Landry's so I can use it here at Joe's Crab Shack. Any input is greatly appreciated.

...26 more days til we go home (DVC)...

Pinky :earsgirl:
I'm still waiting now for MY points to stop pending, it's been 16 days now. I ordered an Olive Garden GC. Has anyone else had this experience. Perhaps it's the Olive Garden gc that's the problem..?? Any ideas?
I ordered a web cert from Mypoints towards the end of January and got it in only a few days. I was amazed it came that quickly.
I have cashed out for JC Penney gift certificates from mypoints twice and both times received them in the mail in less than a week. Been very happy with my mypoints experiences. I did just order a web certificate about 2 days ago, so we'll see how that goes!


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