What should I do? Re reservation and waitlisting.

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    Aug 26, 1999
    I have a reservation at BCV for 9/16-9/25. However, at 7 months, I'd like to split the stay with the VGF (which I've never stayed at) from 9/13-9/16, which means that I'd have to drop 1 night from BCV. On the 13th, should I reserve all 4 days (will the system allow me to "modify"-just drop one day from BCV?) Or should I just add 9/13-9/15 at VGF, then on the 16th modify BCV (hopefully) to VGF. I'm so scared about dropping the 16th at BCV, because I don't want to end up without a room for one night.
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Assuming you have a few extra BCV points to play with, I think I would make two reservations at BCV right now.

    If the 16th is still available at BCV, I would reserve that as a single night and then modify my existing reservation to be 9/17 - 9/25 (which is what I want to end up with). Then on the 13th, I would try to modify the single night reservation at BCV to the 4 night reservation I want at VGF. If successful, I'm done! If not, I can waitlist and have the single night BCV reservation replaced. If the waitlist doesn't work out, I can always call MS and have the two BCV reservations put back together.

    Good luck!
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    Do you have the nights to just book VGF for the 13th-16th? If you are successfull then go back and modify your BCV reservation to drop the night of the 16th. If it looks like you have to waitlist the night of the 16th I'd do along the lines of what Carol suggested and change the BCV right now to have 2 reservations. 1 for the night of the 16th and 1 for the remainder of the nights. Then your VGF waitlist can be set to cancel the single night of the 16th. If it never fills you an call MS and ask them to merge that night at BCV back into the other BCV reservation.

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